6 thoughts on “Report: Facebook Staff Wanted to Remove Donald Trump Post for “Hate Speech”

  1. Fakebook has shown itself repeatedly to be the enemy of free speech as well as all things good, right, white and decent. This is pure propaganda trying to do a little image shining as they get rolled over by the millions that are waking up. Boycott fakebook – its just a mossad funded tracking and spy device at the base anyway.

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  3. They must have criticized Hillary.

    The jews in Israel are doing that which the jews in America (and elsewhere) want to have done in our own countries. Zuckerberg and Facebaum will join in.

    Normal White people who post there had better think about getting off and posting elsewhere – now. Their posts lasts a long time and who knows who will decide whether your posts “incite” or meet some other made up criteria.

    “As Facebook gives the Israeli government more access to posts deemed as “incitement,” occupation forces have been raiding the homes of Palestinians children and detaining them for months over posts on the social media site, a report by the Defense for Children International-Palestine said Monday.
    Ahmed, a 17-year-old Palestinian who was only identified by his first name in the report, said he was arrested in August and interrogated for hours over pictures of he had posted on Facebook. “He asked for my Facebook password,” Ahmed told DCIP recalling his first interrogation in an Israeli prison. “I gave it to him. He logged in and said it had inciting photos.” —- Last month, Facebook and the Israeli government agreed to set up joint teams in order to fight what they call “incitement” posts on the social media website, which critics slammed as policies to target Palestinians and Arab-Israelis.


  4. Shekels is the Jews Achilles heel. They will always take the cash beofre their interest in politics or other issues. Of course politics and cash usually coincide for the corrupt and the greedy.
    If Trump has a chance to win, they would be silly to alienate a man with a great deal of power for the next four years. The POTUS could crack down heavily on Foolsbook or any other company he did not like and wanted to get even with. Tax audits, just for a warm up.
    FBI and CIA investigation for anti American activities including spying for or against foreign nations. Possible crimes being committed such as privacy laws being broken. Ban all Government spending on advertising with media which was biased against Trump.
    I hope this last one happens, it will make the Jews squirm.
    There are many Jew owned crooked/dodgy Internet companies with headquarters in places like Israel, Cyprus and Romania. WhatsApp and Viber and other such spying/social media sites. Trump could ban these from operating in the USA.

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