PUTIN’S WARNING – Now Russia tells the US ‘if you want a war you will get one EVERYWHERE’

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Nowhere to be seen in this article from a “reputable” news source is a threat by Russia to go to war with the U.S. Russia threatens a confrontation, not war.

This threat of confrontation comes after American VP Joe Biden, widely acknowledged as a dimwitted puppet, threatened Russia with a cyber war.

The Western press is beating the war drums for their (((owners,))) globalists all.


RUSSIA has warned the US it will give America a war if it wants one after Joe Biden called for an all-out cyber assault on Kremlin emails.

Moscow military experts have said Vladimir Putin will not back down amid escalating tensions between the global superpowers, blasting the White House’s “aggressiveness”.

US Vice President Biden revealed last weekend that Washington will be launching an attack on the Russian government’s emails.

But Kremlin military chief Lt Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky described the provocative action as “full-scale confrontation”.

The retired general added: “Of course there is a reaction. As far as Russia sees it, as Putin sees it, it is full-scale confrontation on all fronts. If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one.”

“But it won’t be a confrontation that doesn’t harm the interests of the United States. You want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere.”

Spokesman for the Russian government Dmitry Peskov moved quickly to denounce Biden’s threats.

He said: “The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of the US vice president.

“To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect our interests, to hedge risks.”

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov also accused the US of “unprecedented threats” and “borderline insolence”.

Cold War deployments are being setup by the Russia military as nuclear bombers sweep the US border and plans are set in motion for new bases in Cuba.

Pentagon chiefs warned Russia could be on the verge of launching a “terrible” nuclear attack on a NATO nation.

A reasonable person would conclude that this scenario was set up by the American government to goad Russia into making a statement that could be used to demonize Russia as the New Nazi Germany, the big threat to world peace.

Putin has shown remarkable restraint in the face of provocation, but he’s warned us before that there are consequences for anyone messing with the Russian bear.

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5 thoughts on “PUTIN’S WARNING – Now Russia tells the US ‘if you want a war you will get one EVERYWHERE’

  1. “US Vice President Biden revealed last weekend that Washington will be launching an attack on the Russian government’s emails.:”
    What authority does a Vice President have to start a real war or an electronic war? This proposed action would be illegal under international law.
    It is normal to spy on emails of potential military enemies. It is not normal to boast about it in advance. To “attack” them is probably a very bad and stupid idea idea.
    In the case of the USA, it is normal to spy on everything, friend or foe, military, political or industrial. That is why the Internet was designed and built for the US military. It was not built for fun and games. In some ways Facebook fits in perfectly with the original design, spy on everybody, from the USA.
    The DOD paid for the Internet so that the USA would be preeminent and able to spy on foreign Internet activity, forever.
    Big talk like Joe Bidens damages this spying capability.

    Items like these are a distraction to try to help Hillary win. The media is pro Democrat not Republican. Media everywhere is owned and controlled by four by twos, the you know whos, Ikey Mos. (Isaac Moses and his tribe).

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