Kenyan raped two-year-old girl after raping a cow and his grandmother


Once in a while, news about the real Africa filters out into the Western press. This is one of those times.

Unintelligent, uncooperative, and driven by his high testosterone, the African male commits all manner of atrocities.

A Kenyan man has raped his 98-year-old grandmother and his neighbour’s two-year old child only months after being released from jail.

The man, from Murang’a County, was found by his cousin, Samuel, at his grandmother’s house after he heard screaming coming from inside.

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According to Nairobi News, the 36-year-old man had just been released from jail a few months ago after he was jailed for having sex with a cow.

When Samuel went to investigate in the house, the father-of-one hit him on the face and left him unconscious on the floor.

He then took his neighbour’s two-year-old daughter to a nearby farm and raped her before fleeing the scene.

She was found by neighbours a short while after covered in blood and was taken to hospital by her parents.

When Samuel came to his consciousness a few minutes later, he called police after finding the old woman in shock in her bed and a man hunt was launched for the suspect.

He has since been arrested and is currently being held at Nyakianga police station.

The world would be a much better place without these creatures. If the world does not have the stomach to exterminate them, then at least keep them in Africa. This one will now be a prime candidate for refugee status in the West, offered to him by some bleeding heart liberal.

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7 thoughts on “Kenyan raped two-year-old girl after raping a cow and his grandmother

      • I have gotten into heated debates with far leftist luminaries here in Jew England on the IMMORALITY of child rape. Most I talked to firmly claim that we should and will adopt the customers of more ADVANCED?!?!?!? 3rd world immigrants as they become the majority in the West. They used the examples of africa and latrine America where girls at 10-12 have babies. The atheists claimed also that Jesus’ mother Mary was 11 or 12 when she gave birth to Jesus.

        They didn’t have as much to say about beastiality except there is nothing wrong with it in most cultures.

        There is no reasoning with liberals, at least in my experience

  1. “committers of all crimes, ever” (Matt 23:33-36 & Rev 2&3:9, “using White People’s name” as they commit crimes: mlk, etc, etc, etc).

  2. Maybe the cow gave consent?
    One warning bell with this article is his 98 year old granny, did she also give permission?
    How many 98 year olds are there in all of Africa, amongst the darkies that is? Not very many I would think.
    This man would put his schlong in to any hole, and probably has fucked numerous holes in trees for example, and watering cans, vacuum cleaners, exhaust pipes.
    Probably no vacuum cleaners in his mud village.

  3. He is 36 and granny 98. This age gap of 62 years is enough for four generations in Africa. She should be his great grandmother.
    All four of my white grandparents were under 60 years of age when I was born. Most were close to 50.

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