Texas Students Storm Out After Professor Teaches Out-of-Africa Theory

out of africa

The idea that all humans descend from a group of post-ape humanoids that populated Africa thousands of years ago is certainly politically correct.

No matter that it makes so little sense and that it’s refuted by the evidence. Old theories never die and they really don’t fade away either. Not as long as they underpin mindless egalitarianism.

Some white students have started rebelling against PC. We need to encourage them.

Some Texas State University students in Dr. McGee’s Cultural Anthropology class left the lecture hall after he said in a lesson that all living people originated in Africa. As the exiting white students left the classroom, some remaining in class reportedly called after them, “Black Lives Matter.”

The lecture started out with a message from the professor that the day’s class would be a lesson on race and it would be particularly interesting so everyone should listen, said Justine Lundy, 20. The professor began talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it had come about before stating that all living beings descended from east Africa.

“It was dead silent,” Lundy said, before a student retorted with a “sarcastic ‘sure.’”

At that point, students began to leave the class. A few disagreeing students who didn’t leave the classroom in a huff stayed behind to argue with each other.

“A lot of people left,” said class attendee Karene Taylor, 19. “It was embarrassing.”

Lundy said she was pretty sure it was the talk of Black Lives Matter that primed students to argue and leave, even though “[McGee] wasn’t picking sides or anything — he kept reiterating that.” The African descent component was probably “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” she said.

McGee said he himself didn’t witness any outright dissent but because the class is so large, “it is possible that someone didn’t like the topic and walked out.”

He is — as his credentials, years of research and general expertise would suggest — not wrong on the subject. The so-dubbed “out of Africa” theory is widely accepted as our definitive origins by the scientific community. The University of Cambridge’s Andrea Manica and his team spent years of research comparing thousands and human skulls as recently as 2007 to prove that, yup, we all originated solely in Africa.

“As a whole, I think the group is open-minded,” McGee said. “Understanding other peoples’ perspectives is a basic part of cultural anthropology.”

For an alternate point of view, read this article in Scientific American. Debunking out-of-Africa is rare because academics who do this type of research are doing to be demonized for doing it, which would result in ruining their careers.

You’ll get more honesty out of Russia than out of the West:

Russian Geneticists Disprove Out of Africa Claim

8 thoughts on “Texas Students Storm Out After Professor Teaches Out-of-Africa Theory

  1. ““To be white is to be racist,” Norman student offended by teacher’s lecture”

    “You start telling someone something over and over again that’s an opinion, and they start taking it as fact,” the student said. “So, I wanted him to apologize and make it obvious and apparent to everyone that was his opinion.”


    • Quote: So, I wanted him to apologize and make it obvious and apparent to everyone that was his opinion.”
      He will apologise only after you have a robust conversation with him & reinforced with a base ball bat ??

      • Quite so, Mr Reynard. One can’t have a conversation with with brainwashed people.

  2. OOA is crap.
    Africans are the results of white cavemen breeding with the ancestors of chimps 2 million years ago and later, creating hybrids.
    2 million years ago, humans and apes were more closely related and could interbreed.
    Many Africans have chimpanzee genes. NO Europeans do. So much for the theory that some blacks walked to Europe 50,000 years ago.

    The races were separate before they were fully human.

    Read the book: Erectus Walks Amongst us.

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