She’s Here for You, Guys!

Well, this is sick, sick, sick.

Kiki Hermetic Kitten looks like a (((member of the tribe))) to me.

From her youtube channel about:

My name is Kiki, I’m a translator with the lifelong dream to become a writer. I started making ASMR Relaxation videos back in 2012. ASMR is a pleasant tingly sensation many people feel when they listen to certain whispered voices and sounds. ASMR is free and suitable for anyone, it is known to help with stress and insomnia. A little more about me: I love literature, foreign languages, metal music and cooking. I’m half italian, half venezuelan. Welcome to the world of ASMR! I hope it works for you.
Just try it : )

Kiara Constantino has over 35 million views from all her videos, which means she’s making some serious money from this crazy stuff.

Watch at least a little bit of this video first:

As a bonus, I’m adding her ear eating video, which is possibly even weirder.

There are many others doing this on youtube. At least it keeps them out of porn!

The money that these girls are making is an insult to real people who hold real jobs in the real world.

If anyone can help me make sense of this it would be greatly appreciated. All I can think of is narcissism, attention whoring, empty lives, and people with too much time on their hands.

2 thoughts on “She’s Here for You, Guys!

  1. I’m all about people making money off the YouTube. Aren’t many real jobs and real wages around but if this girl can making money off whispering these sort of sweet nothings over the interwebz vs in person like my darlings is pretty telling about the desperation for human contact

  2. LOL!!! WTF???? I am laughing my ass off! Holy shit, girls are seriously lost in the absence of male authority- this settles it. Wow, I guess it is not harmful per se, but just odd, and funny as hell!

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