Not Accepted: Joey Salads Apologizes for Fake Trump Car Vandalism Video

The Joey Salads apology embedded above has been heavily down voted on youtube. Myself, Drudge, Gateway Pundit, Western Journalism and many more fell for the Tossed Salads scam video because liberals of all colors and genders have been destroying Trump signs for real. Thus, the video seemed plausible.

Salads reportedly earns at least $75,000 a year and as much as something over $500,000 a year from his video views. He may need to get a real job after this.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Oct 19, 2016
Black people destroy Trump sign…
Im sorry, I will be giving back to the community that I hurt and I will be 100% moving forward to earn your trust back

The fake video has allegedly been taken down.

Mark Dice claims that other videos made by Tossed Salad are fake. True or not, no one should pay attention to Joey Salads anymore. According to Mark the Daily Mail is working on a big expose story relating to faked Internet videos.

4 thoughts on “Not Accepted: Joey Salads Apologizes for Fake Trump Car Vandalism Video

  1. Faking the news has been going on for thousands of years.
    One example from ten years ago and not a Youtube story.
    Some Australian feminists “animal liberationists” got inside an Indonesian abattoir and paid a worker cash to kick a cow. They filmed this secretly then the Australian media showed this video widely as real news. “Indonesian workers torture Aussie cows”.
    The leader of Australia – an unmarried woman feminist with no children – immediately cancelled all live meat exports to Indonesia which destroyed a multi hundred million dollar export industry.
    So far as I know the vegetarian criminals were never punished for their crime.

    Who cares about the truth if some cash can be made showing an interesting video?
    That is why I rarely watch most of the horseshit videos on Youtube including those posted here. They rarely come up to their promises. “Shocking” footage. You watch it for 9 minutes and nothing happens.
    Another bad thing and Joey Salad like – a lot of fights and assaults all around the world happen only for the reason of posting on Youtube and other sites. So watching these crimes helps to perpetuate these crimes. Stop watching and the crimes stop.

    • I should look it up to be very precise and one day will, but for now let’s leave it at the idea that one can make a significant amount of money out of popular youtube videos. You should spend a minute or two looking at the vids of the girl with the ring in her nose. To me it speaks to how lonely and isolated men are that they need a video girlfriend. Many female porn stars act as if their website members are boyfriends too. It’s called giving the customer the boyfriend experience.

  2. Toss the salad in the garbage bin.

    I always smelled an anti-white in this guy for some reason. Nearly all “anti-racists” are anti-whites.

    He should apply for welfare and get a real job if he can. The backlash is coming. People are so sick of BS.

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