Will World War 3 Start Before November 8 with a Russian Invasion of Alaska?

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This post offers a short excerpt from a longer piece that offers evidence (not empty “conspiracy theories”) that the Obama/Clinton/Rothschild cabal has World War 3 in mind for all of us, perhaps even before the November 8 American elections.

The article sets out a half dozen scenarios relating to the war that will kill millions of Americans. This post offers the Alaska invasion scenario.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

Eminent Russian Invasion of US by way of Alaska

The Inquisitr has run an October 15th headline “The Russians Are Coming, Says Ex-Navy Leader: World War 3 Will Start with Alaska Invasion.” Let me briefly digress here. Granted, newspapers typically run stories with sensational headlines because they want to sell lots of newspapers and true journalistic integrity in this age of rampant deception is all but ancient history. And of course, an army of government shills and trolls have thoroughly infiltrated if not saturated both mainstream as well as alternative internet and social media with the expressed purpose of muddying the waters to intentionally misinform, deceive and confuse the public, making them highly susceptible to nefarious manipulation by fear porn propaganda. Under the chronic duress of hypervigilance and paranoia, both the sheeple and the so-called “awakened” can become more easily controlled, and certainly the trusting diehards will automatically be predisposed to seek protection and security in the face of real or perceived rising dangers from their Big Brother government, the very same perpetrator responsible for their mass brainwashing, mind control and pervasive harm. That said when bits and pieces of information are leaked and astute observers who are aware of historical patterns of deceptive US government behavior repeated ad nauseam by our enslavers, a clear picture of connected dots emerges of what may actually be unfolding. And it’s with this intent that the current presentation has been assembled. It will ultimately be up to the reader to process this information to decide if it’s true or not.

Perhaps the anonymous source to the “Russians Are Coming” story is but part of the Clinton-Obama blitzkrieg falsely blaming Putin for everything gone wrong in this world as yet more propaganda used to justify a US war against Russia. That said, according to the Inquisitr article, the unnamed “high-ranking former US Navy official” warned that an unprotected part of America’s largest state Alaska with its closest point separating America from Russia just 50 miles, has been Putin’s planned designated target where Russian submarines will secure an invasion of our 50th state and proceed southward to the continental US. The former naval officer stated:

Our feeling in the Navy was that Obama had turned Alaska into a defenseless area that will serve as a forward base of operations when World War III begins.


This remark suggests that Obama and his 8-year wide open border policy by design has been to intentionally allow foreign elements like Russian soldiers, drug cartel criminals and ISIS terrorists free access into America’s heartland. Obama and Clinton’s NWO globalist plan to bring in thousands of unvetted refugees from the Middle East and North Africa and Homeland Security and UN issuing a stand-down orders to Border Patrol agents further corroborate this treasonous act of aiding and abetting any and all potential US enemies. If this latest Obama accusation of a pending Russian invasion is true, it then validates the very real concerns that Obama has been willfully provoking a nuclear confrontation and World War III with the East. Let’s face it, the writing’s been on the wall for some time.

The unidentified former naval officer as the leaked source also claimed that Russian soldiers disguised in Alaska as “highway road crews” have been literally laying the groundwork for the invasion and will be used to secure bridges and disrupt communications during the invasion. The article goes on to report that other unnamed sources have independently also laid claim that Russians have been moving into the local area and living in abandoned motels and military bases.

My bet is that Putin is too smart to invade Alaska. However, I can picture the American government making that claim in order to justify war with Russia.

Obama and Hillary have been claiming that Putin is trying to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Another scenario in the article has a war with Russia starting over that.

The article is a must read if you want to better understand why the storm clouds of war are gathering over us, ready to sweep us into a horrific conflict that the (((globalists))) want.

22 thoughts on “Will World War 3 Start Before November 8 with a Russian Invasion of Alaska?

  1. I did not read the vast majority of this nonsense. The main ingredient of the (((MSM) daily/hourly fare is fear. I do not think that alternative sites should also work on the fear basis but many do, like Alex Jones.

    I am afraid of demographic changes, which wort at a glacial pace – almost. Fifty years have seen huge changes and no end in sight. I am not afraid of Russian invasion. Look at the USA. Canada is not invading. However Mexico has been invading the USA for many decades and Mexico is winning this demographic war, hands down, with no shots being fired.

    ” foreign elements like Russian soldiers, drug cartel criminals and ISIS terrorists”. I like the way the the Lew Rockwell site equates Russian soldiers with drug criminals and iSIS terrorists. Not. This is possibly Jew Spew, it sounds like it.

    • I totally agree with Robert. We’ve been hearing this flak for years. Dave Hodges site is one of the most proliferant scare mongering ones around. Back in 2013, he had me so worried about the power grid drill, saying we will lose access to our bank accounts for days when they take the system down, that I almost pulled my money out.. The drill went off without a single flicker. No one was affected. The Rockwell story is just more of the same and Hodges is just repeating everyone else.



      Anyone confused about Putin should read Mike King’s book:


    • Robert, I’ve noticed from following your comments here that you and I seem to have agreement on many matters, and again with the above we do. From a comment I made from a different site which has too many links to repost here.

      “There have been rumors for years about a more organized military build up within Mexico which would have opportunities to penetrate and swiftly invade into the heartland of the USA. By themselves it’s not likely a Mexican or other force from elsewhere would have much long-term capability against the American people, but we cannot be sure anymore that they would not have assistance from various, or multiple, others from both outside and from inside our country.

      The border doesn’t have to be a problem. It could be controlled in an instant – if our leaders had the smallest will to do it.” [The balance is at the link below].


      At my comment further below at that same site [19 October 2016 at 08:22] is more information regarding a Mexican buildup.

      “What’s behind Mexico’s military buying binge? [With “US” money to assist doing so ($2.3 billion)].

      “That load of 30 million bullets was soon followed by fleets of Black Hawk helicopters and thousands of Humvees: in all more than $1 billion of American military equipment sold to Mexico within the past two years. — Admiral William E. Gortney, the commander of Northern Command, the U.S. military headquarters that deals with Mexico, testified to Congress earlier this year that Mexico’s buying binge represented a “100-fold increase from prior years.”

      • Mexicans have an exaggerated need for pride, even when they do nothing to be proud of. They are also often reckless. If an opportunity to invade the U.S. presented itself they would jump at the chance to install their troops in the country and force us to kowtow to them.

        While I do not believe that Russia intends to invade Alaska, I do believe that the American government might use a false flag of some kind to provide an excuse for war with Russia.

        What say you?

      • Flanders, yes I agree with most of your postings also. Re Mexico and Alaska. Any foreign country that attempts to take any US mainland or island by force is going to get beat. Especially Mexico as Santa Ana found a long time ago. His tinted army was no match for a smaller number of white men, who stole a huge amount of land from Mexico with ease.

        Mexico will not invade the USA and Russia will not invade Alaska, any time soon. However Mexico and most of South America has been invading the USA simply by walking, driving and flying in and not leaving. USA will be majority non white by about 2046 or so. The powerful US military is helpless against this real invasion. Probably they help the invaders, just as Italy does with Africans and Australia used to do with Africans and Botulisms (muzzies) arriving by boat from Indonesia to nearby Christmas Island which belongs to Australia. Any Coon illegally landing on Xmas Island (or anywhere on the mainland of Australia) now gets sent to a tropical hellhole in Papua New Guinea. Why can’t Italy and the USA man up and start a similar deal for invaders – Devils Island would be perfect. Countries like Belize would take the scum and store them is stinking mosquito filled heat in exchange for cash.

        Western navies are today a nanny service for invaders. A Western country would be better protected to throw away their entire navy and also most military transport planes. Just keep offensive fighters and bombers and a land army. Maybe keep all subs too , just get rid of all ships which are used to coddle darkie foreigners and bring them back to the white land. It is treason for a navy to help invaders but it happens every day with many Jew run nations.

        The only invasions which are important are invasions of “legal” non military young male scum crossing borders. They bring their relatives soon after. So called rapefugees and economic migrants and welfare seekers from poor countries.

      • Cartier, I can leave only one link at a time, and I have to many to post . Most of the links I have are credible and indicate that the issue is worrisome, but some are from what are commonly considered less credible sources, but I wanted to leave this one because it is a reminder of a recent event which “seemed to go nowhere”. I have also studied some about the activities of (((others))) in Mexico which have a much longer history than most people realize, and their activities in China go back even further in time. If Americans, even our own conscious people, realized the depth of jew’s ties and their significance with and to China, there would be a lot more attention being paid to the issue. Try searching for something like China bases – Mexico – Cuba – or Latin America. The same thing using Russia. It’s a puzzle which it could pay to put together, and the scrutiny is rewarding of itself.
        Try again with jews in china.


      • I have read that the Jews want to bring the U.S. down to third world status, while bringing China up as their new base of operations. Certainly, our American puppet politicians have done everything possible to transfer wealth production to China, which is what Trump has pointed out.

    • Cartier, There are blanked out areas in Mexico on major maps which are publically accessible. I’ve posted about some reports on that going back to the year 2000, and just (((who))) is it do you think will interpret “our” spy satellite results for us? You have more confidence in “our” intelligence apparatus, as it seems to presently be constituted (with all the more recent replacements of lead Generals and Admirals in the military with (((other hand-picked))) “leaders” than I do. I know that you are already aware about Cloward-Piven, but there can be more behind the massive importations than mere economic breakdown. The things to fear will usually not be those that they are telling you about, and if enough people would become aware about American’s internal enemies we would have nothing at all to worry about, but we all know that is not the case.

  2. Here’s a good story for you Paladin, a Scottish truck driver stops to help a English kid getting robbed and beaten by Niggers, this is what we need more of, Europeans showing loyalty to their own race and looking out for one another.

    • Ten points to the truck driver. But how come he had no weapon …a truck wheel spanner is perfect..going up against a gang of culture enrichers(even kids) unarmed is dangerous and stupid. And see the other kids just walking past without any concern? Thats what bothers me. They just don’t see the dangers,and that’s the problem. They are indoctrinated to believe all the PC bull crap that all culture enrichers are peaceful folk and will never hurt you,and to welcome them with open arms! We lose our kids and we lose our future!

  3. Cant see it myself; Mr Putin is too smart and has been bending over backwards to avoid needless war[s].
    HOWEVER…should hussein start some sh*t to try and interrupt elections and cover up some of he and killarys crimes, Russia would be wise to walk across and take Alaska. Its hard for the US to defend and there is billions of gallons of oil there, not to mention gold and Alaskan Malamutes! I can see why they would want it. Plus, it gives them direct land access to the us, cause really whats canada gonna do? Theyre so busy flying fag flags and importing somalians, they havent the time, manpower nor gumption to do anything but run to their safe spaces…

  4. Saboteur – “While I do not believe that Russia intends to invade Alaska, I do believe that the American government might use a false flag of some kind to provide an excuse for war with Russia.

    What say you?”.

    I think it is an entirely plausible possibility. I am not a Putinphile as such, and I trust him only slightly more than most “American” “leaders” [most, including Hillary should in my opinion be tried and probably hanged for past treasons]. I think we are being played and betrayed in all of our countries no matter which one it is, and that such a collusion to begin a war to save one of (((their))) main ideologues a political disgrace is not at all out of question.

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