Trolling Trump Has Invited Obama’s Half Brother to Final Debate

malik obama

The media is clueless as to why our leader would invite Malik Obama, an African gentleman who has U.S. citizenship, to the third and final presidential debate.

How about the idea that Trump is making an effort to embarrass Obama, who has been gnawing on Trump’s leg throughout the campaign season. And it may swing some black votes Trump’s way, as well as some immigrant votes. The media is sort of implying that this is another indicator that Trump is wild and unstable.

It makes sense to me to invite Malik, but maybe I’m wild and unstable myself.

Huffington Post

Donald Trump is easily triggered.

On the same day that President Barack Obama called on him to not whine so much about losing, the Republican nominee to succeed him in the White House responded by inviting his half-brother Malik to attend Wednesday’s third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

“I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik,” Trump told The New York Post’s Page Six, which apparently landed the world exclusive. “He gets it far better than his brother.”

Barack Obama is not on the Democratic ticket in November, but somehow Trump thinks it’s a great strategy to use his half-brother as a prop against his actual rival, Hillary Clinton.

The former reality star pulled a similar stunt right before the second debate earlier this month, when he sought to distract from his on-the-record predilection for groping women by inviting four women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct to appear at a press conference.

None of this has anything to do with actual policy positions or making America great again — and may in fact bury an ethics-in-government proposal the Trump campaign unveiled Wednesday. All of that is now in the rearview mirror.

Haha. Trump has to fight at these debates to get issues on the table. The moderators go into nonissues, so why not fight fire with fire? I’m certain that Trump will point out Malik’s presence during the debate.

Things would get really wild if Malik testified that Barack was born in Kenya!!!

5 thoughts on “Trolling Trump Has Invited Obama’s Half Brother to Final Debate

  1. The HuffAndIPuff Pissed – “may in fact bury an ethics-in-government proposal the Trump campaign unveiled ”
    Trump is not in Government yet, unlike Hillary. So he only needs to start his ethics after winning.

    Re the brother of the POOFTUS. I have a germ of an idea that Obamas Coon father may have been the superior intellect of his two parents. The mother was white scum, a nigger lover, mudshark, feminist, a Communist, (was she a Jew?), a maniac who went to live as a Communist agitator in Indonesia of all places. Needless to say she got divorced, as one would expect, and brought Bazza up as a single mother.

    Whites are on average more intelligent than blacks but with probably quite a lot of female mudsharks the Coon may be the more intelligent one. He is willing to trade some of his brain power to get his kids a lighter skin.
    Same for white males with Coon wives. The female is the smart one who wants to bring up kids only half as black as she is.

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