Negro Protestors Throw Excrement During Protest in South Africa

poo dump

Scroll down to see a zoo monkey fling poo at a screaming white girl.

It looks like the University of Cape Town has been turned by blacks into a zoo.

Fox News

JOHANNESBURG – A South African university says protesters demanding free education broke windows, forced open doors and threw human excrement in an effort to disrupt the resumption of classes.

The University of Cape Town re-opened Monday after closing because of security concerns, but police were on campus and used a stun grenade to disperse protesters outside a university building. The university says another building was evacuated because of vandalism by protesters who tossed sewage in the corridors.

Separately in Johannesburg, students blocked a road during the morning rush hour and threw stones before returning to their residential building at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Many South African universities have been hit since last month by sometimes violent protests for free education. However, many students want to study and complete the academic year.

4 thoughts on “Negro Protestors Throw Excrement During Protest in South Africa

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