Hillary’s Former White House Chef Says She Called Black Servant The ‘N-Word’


Well, others have been fired for using the N-word, but unless someone has Hillary in writing or on tape saying it, it won’t make any difference. In fact, this story will not even be reported by the MSM. If the accusation were against Donald Trump, it would be a different story.

Daily Wire

Tacey Martin, a former travel chef for the Clintons during their time in the White House, said in a radio interview with WBEN’s Tome Bauerle that Hillary, in a moment of anger, referred to a black man as, “That n—er!”

In the interview, Martin told the radio host, “I was doing an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, which is an HIV AIDS clinic, and I was doing a tea prior to the public press party, and that was with Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Jacques Chriac, the former president of France’s wife. A gentleman of color came in with something and it did not please [Clinton] the way it was, and when he walked out she says, ‘That…’ and then she uses the n-word.”

Hillary Clinton’s temper is legendary. It’s entirely plausible that a superior being such as herself would call other people names, including the word “Nigger.” Not that her supporters would abandon her even if proven true.

shocked black baby

7 thoughts on “Hillary’s Former White House Chef Says She Called Black Servant The ‘N-Word’

  1. If Nigger is a bad word, does that mean 200 million Nigerians are wrong? The river Niger is still called Niger.

    I wonder why Jewpedia is always at the top of my search results when Jewpedia is “not for profit”? Search engines boost those that pay money.
    While genuine businesses which must make money are placed way down in search results. Unusually, Encyclopaedia Britannica appeared in my search. This might be the first time I have even seen this, all sorts of garbage gets in ahead, if the word “wiki” is in it. Like Jewpedia.

    From Britannica:
    “Niger River, principal river of western Africa. With a length of 2,600 miles (4,200 km), it is the third longest river in Africa, after the Nile and the Congo. The Niger is believed to have been named by the Greeks.”
    Those Greeks knew a nigger when they saw one.

    • I’m not sure I would get the truth if I researched it, but a colleague of mine at the university said that Niggers were named for the Niger River. An extra G was added at some point. So, if some one is from Alabama, he’s called an Alabaman. Likewise, blacks from the Niger River area were named for the geography. Making certain words taboo is just a way for (((them))) to control us.

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