Hillary Committed an Act of Treason During Wednesday Night’s Debate

2 thoughts on “Hillary Committed an Act of Treason During Wednesday Night’s Debate

    Hillary should not have known this. Pillow talk with Bill one night? Bill was being treaosnous if so. OTOH maybe this number is published somewhere as a warning to enemies, here, there and everywhere.

    I would prefer 44 minutes, or longer, or at least the order could be delayed until say 10 minutes before the detected swarm of enemy missiles strike. In the 1964 movie “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)” the War Room has more than 30 minutes warning that a mad US General stationed in the UK has ordered an entire B-52 wing to attack the Soviet Union with all their nuclear bombs. This is done using a special code which indicates that the USA has already been destroyed by nuclear attack. The air wing is just outisde Soviet air space when he sends the order. Once they pass their Fail Safe point, there will be no turning back unless a special code is sent by General Jack D Ripper in England. Only he knows this recall code, so he shoots himself so save bodily essences from those pesky Soviets. The best and well intentioned efforts of President Muffley, 4 Star General Turgidson, the Russia Ambassador and the Soviet leader combined can not strop this nuclear war. Even with US help the Russian military is unable to stop Major “King” Kong played by Slim Pickens. Major Kong is a brave and brilliant flyer who thus ends the world by obeying orders. All of Kongs crew know they will die as they will have to ditch the plane in freezing wasteland or waters.

    So how could there be any hope at all for the world with just four minutes to countermand a mad order or a mistake? I do not think any woman should be allowed to have her finger anywhere near the red button. Vote Trump, just to prevent nuclear war for the next four years.

    It is worth remembering that leaders/maniacs is half a dozen countries also have red buttons and large nuclear arsenals. One member is Pakistan, that is the place where many of the Muslim rapists come from. A neighbor of Afghanistan. Israel, India, China. North Korea is the least of our worries, unless they secretly set off a nuclear bomb in a big US city and the POTUS blames Russia or China. This could be bad. This could easily be done be shifting a bomb in a commercial ship in to a US port, then set it off. No eye witnesses would survive. No camera footage etc. Why has no movie ever been made with this idea?

    Naturally world leaders have thought about these things and will always react calmly and logically even if a city of ten million people suddenly vaporises, like New York or Moscow. It is funny to think what can be carried by sea (or air) with impunity while commercial air travelers can not carry a table spoon aboard a plane. I had three of these confiscated and thrown away, but was allowed to keep the teaspoons. 911 proved the risks of commercial flights, what if those were foreign planes with nuclear bombs abroad, painted to look like US commercial planes?

    • Besides keeping Hillary’s unstable, shaking finger off the nuclear trigger, Trump would do a far better job of creating a border security force that would be more likely to stop the scenarios you’ve described.

      If Trump wins or loses his buildings become targets. With his victory, he has an incentive to protect his buildings and everyone elses. Hillary has no such incentives. In case of nuclear war, she Bill and their respective sex partners will be in underground bunkers waiting to come up for air and sunshine after things clear up a bit.

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