“Certified Emotional Support Duck” Waddles Aboard Passenger Jet Wearing Fashionable Diaper, Booties

daniel emotional support duck

Whatever you think of the idea of an emotional support duck, you have to admit that Daniel is one attractive bird.

That diaper isn’t just for fashion’s sake. The city fathers where I live have stocked a little river park with ducks and geese. They poop all over the sidewalk, but lots of folks turn out every day to watch them and toss them a tidbit or two.

Daily Mail

Needing a bit of emotional support in your next flight? Daniel the duck fits the bill!

North Carolina author Mark Essig was on a flight from Charlotte to Asheville on Sunday when he met another passenger’s companion: an emotional support duck named Daniel.

‘He is an Indian Runner (an Indonesian breed), a certified emotional support duck, four years old, wears a Captain America diaper,’ Essig tweeted in a series documenting his encounter with Daniel.

Essig met Daniel and his companion, a young woman in her 20s, at the terminal.

‘He was in one of those little pet stroller things, and I peeked in expecting to see a dog and there was a duck,’ Essig told the Citizen-Times. ‘I said, “hello.”‘

His stroller had a little sign that said: ‘My first flight.’
Daniel walked onto the plane on a leash, wearing a Captain American diaper and red shoes to protect his webbed feet.

He had lunched on chicken fries from Burger King, which seemed to be verging on cannibalistic to me,’ Essig told the Citizen-Times.

Once the flight took off, Daniel walked down aisles – occasionally giving his owner a peck on the mouth, the newspaper reported.

One of his favorite things to do: watch out the window as the clouds went by, perhaps dreaming of flying one day.

‘I have flown a fair amount, but I’ve never seen any companion poultry on a plane,’ he said.

danile duck in stroller

There’s more pictures at the link, along with video.

7 thoughts on ““Certified Emotional Support Duck” Waddles Aboard Passenger Jet Wearing Fashionable Diaper, Booties

  1. Does this mean there’s a new trend afoot? Are we into Featheries, now?
    There were adult?babies in play pens; and then Furries. Now, a fookin duck in diapers!
    Holy lizards! This is just getting way out and too much! I’m grabbing a chocolate cake and teddy and sliding into my safe space wearing a normal slug outfit.

  2. LOL the support animal thing is a game now.

    Lady at the VA was telling me one guy has a support turkey, all official and everything.

    I myself have a “PTSD support pit bull”. The va loves to push the PTSD thing, improves their budget, let’s them hire all sorts of squishy dudes and chicks with no real skill set; gives me extra money and now I can take one of my dogs where ever I go. Pretty good deal really.

    Whites need to view the government as a hostile resource to exploit and exploit the shit out of it, and I figure having my dog with me at a bar etc is less offensive then letting negros, mexicans etc eat, travel etc with God fearing White men

  3. I will surprise nobody by saying I am totally against these “emotional support” animals flying for free and annoying other passengers. The pest humans bring with them all and sundry, including huge dogs.
    These emotional needy people should be moved in to mental hospitals where they belong. Without the unfortunate animals which are compelled to be with these fruitcakes. This is animal abuse, keep all animals and reptiles and birds away from crazies, there ought to be a law.

    The inmates are running the asylum, in the USA at least. Like some mad Boris Karloff or Vincent Price movie.

    “Differently abled” is right, able to game the system for all it is worth.


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