Sick Degenerate America: This is what WHITE Teens are Like Today

We have a lot of work to do in cleaning up our own community.

The white teens in this violent video are just as bad as the apes featured here in similar videos.

As whites are taught self-hatred in schools, music, TV, movies, magazines, newspapers, and books, that self-hatred turns outward into violence against each other.

Daily Mail

A 15-year-old California girl is recovering after being body slammed by a boy in a fight over a phone, causing her to hit her head and suffer a seizure.

The incident is believe to have occurred on Sunday outside a house in Vallejo and was captured on video.

The footage shows the girl, identified as Holly Wrixon, arguing with the boy, Morgan Johnson, on a driveway surrounded by other teenagers.

Wrixon is seen trying to slap Johnson, and he initially tries to stop her, but suddenly just grabs Wrixon and slams her to the ground.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube multiple times, shows Wrixon hitting the concrete hard, with Johnson on top of her.

She is briefly knocked out by the heavy blow. A friend of Wrixon’s, also female, then starts attacking Johnson for what he did, screaming and hitting him.

Johnson seems nonplussed afterward, and casually picks up his baseball hat that fell off during the scuffle.

Many viewers of the video online have come to Johnson’s defense, claiming Wrixon was the aggressor and was ‘asking for it’.

If these kids knew the truth about how they’ve been Jewed, they might reserve their emotions for righeous anger toward those responsible for the slow white genocide that is being perpetrated upon them.

There’s no word on whether either teen will face criminal charges or a civil lawsuit. It doesn’t matter. None of what you see is normal. None of it is acceptable.

We have a lot of work to do to save our youth. So where the hell are the parents in all this mess?


30 thoughts on “Sick Degenerate America: This is what WHITE Teens are Like Today

  1. Initial thoughts:
    Well, it IS Southern California;
    Everyone’s vocabulary seems to consist of “fuck” and three other words;
    She looks ready for a career as a pole dancer.

    • If we can damage the scum politicians who have control over us and take out a few of the creators of this sick culture, maybe we can create a better reality. Compare this girl to the girls of Hitler’s Germany, where good mental and physical health were promoted.

      • Not sure that is the best analogy around. Given the moral depravity of many of those women right before Hitler took over and the rather larger double standard of behavior for the party leadership vs everyone else.

        Personally I am not a fan of Hitler. Don’t care if he did or did not kill 6 million jews but he for damn sure got a lot of White men killed. Plus he was a fan of Lincoln which is disgusting

  2. I showed my teenage son and asked him how he would have acted…he said he would have kicked her in the face for good measure and her two friends.Shocked I asked him what happened to all what I taught him about not beating women . He replied” in your generation women were ladies,does that thing even remotely sound like a lady to you,does that sound like something to respect and protect? Go back to your fantasy world Dad,these bit***s all got major attitude,this is the sh** i gotta deal with every day. There’s no walking away from a b**** like that,she will be on my case every day hoping for an outcome like that….tough sh**.. wake up Dad, the nineteen twenties have come and gone”. Is that my son,what the hell happened to him??

  3. Truth of that parable (lie / myth):

    “You will know All by their fruit or behavior”.

    There are only two (2) Sides:

    1) The many headed for the eternal lake of fire; the just eternally wickeds or devils.

    2) The “few there be who find truth”, that is, “The Matt 13:43 Righteous”.

    Which are you? Remember, “All Liars are cast, forever, into the lake of burning Sulphur, with the beast, et al, wicked” (Rev 20:10-15 & 21:8, 14:11, et al!!!).

    Be Ready, Ok?

  4. She got what she had coming. The idea of chivalry and not hitting a woman died when the feminist took control. Chivalry was NEVER a one way street to begin with and had rules for female behavior towards men as well as male behavior towards women she violated those rules first.

    I agree 100% with Realist’ son and have told my father the same thing many times and I am 51 years old. The old guys were the ones who sold us down the river when it came to gender relations and they never had to live with even a fraction of the blowback that was created when they caved to feminist.

    The situation also isn’t helped by the constant demand that Hollywood produce little trim White girl heroes that can take out men with ease either. These young girls anymore really think they are badass, bullet proof pit fighters.

    Maybe that bitch learned something but I doubt it.

    • Legit

      However i read the 1story book written on chivalry, written by a 13th century French knight. chivalry wasn’t about women. It was about respect due fighting men of various stations and career paths, respect due to clergy and those higher up the food chain then yourself.

      Another great idea ruined by weak men and women.

  5. I did not watch the video.
    Body slamming any person to concrete is a big no no unless you are defending yourself from a dangerous assault.
    For a male to body slam a much smaller person to concrete leaves him open to spending years or decades in jail.
    The injuries set the prison term, not the assault itself. So bad luck can give an assaulter many years in jail. Good luck and no punishment at all. (“The law is an ass”)
    ‘This body slamming thing is a USA thing and it is cowardly in many cases. The US cops do it all the time to people who are not being violent.
    Body slamming belongs in the world of fake WWW bouts and cops defending society from rampaging feral niggers.
    Without niggers body slams are almost never needed.
    I have never seen a policeman in Australia trip and body slam a suspect or troublemaker.
    Imagine Inspector LeStrade, or Sherlock Holmes, body slamming a criminal in 1890?
    Instead “Your nicked, Joey, the games up”.

    • “without niggers, body slams are not needed”

      The problem in the USA is that many of its men (not all) look at women as less than niggers.

      The issue that will destroy the USA is not race nor socioeconomic class, but the class system based on GENDER.

      Why do you think so many women are going lesbo? They DO NOT WANT TO BE WOMEN IN THE USA!

  6. Look at all the rabid jackals coming out ready to bash.

    The truth is, this measly You (Joo)Tube is just a snippet. We have no idea what events transpired BEFORE the clip. Maybe he has smacked her before? Do we know? Nope.

    I am not about the make up, but I bet my bottom dollar that the same men that comment on this board and bash this female fucked a woman who wore tons of warpaint or perhaps went to strip clubs and gawked and PAID biaches with war paint and bolt ons.

    Do not like fakeness? Do not solicit it. Do not pay into it. Do not comment on it. Do not give it views. But you do. This Joo Tube is brought to you by you know who and YOU LUV IT! You crave it.

    You talk the talk then walk the walk, but most here do not.

    Is the effed up? You bet. But what are you people doing excepting inciting more hate against women who probably would ally with you.

    The teens today are a mess because the adults today are a mess. There are tons of feral men out here who cannot wipe their own azzzz without their wifey hollering at them. These same men want a good woman at home yet will go and pick up a hoe or a feral women. The truth is if this woman showed up at your door and said she would suck you off, you would go there. It is a “man’s” perogative isn’t it?

    Teen girls have always been feral…they are just out with it now because the young men who were modeled after their wayward dads.

    We do not know the whole story.

    And no not all teens are degenerate.

    That being said, outside of bitching at this board and mentally masturbating to this girl getting clocked, do you volunteer to help these kids at schools. Do you all do big brothers and bigs sisters.

    Did not think so.

    • Many girls have no clue how much stronger men are. They are amazed if you demonstrate it to them in a play fight wrestling match for example.

      I think maybe he body slammed her because there is such a taboo against punching a woman. A slap may have sufficed.

      She was hassling the guy like no man would do (especially unless he was prepared for the outcome).

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