Drudge Fell For A Hoax (and so did I): Smashed Trump Car Fake Video

If you’re a regular here, you know I like (((Mark Dice’s))) video work for what it reveals about the left’s ignorance and illogic.

Mark has exposed as a hoax the Joey Salads video featured on the Drudge headline yesterday and featured here today. Salads uses paid actors to attack the car bearing Trump stickers.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Oct 18, 2016

The viral video claiming to capture “Trump Car DESTROYED in Black Neighborhood” as a “Social Experiment” by Joey Salads is 100% fake and a hoax. Here’s the proof. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

The car vandalism video is posted two down on the homepage from this one under the title:

Apes Destroy Trump Car (Joey Salads Video)

Here’s the Twitter member who exposed the hoax:

Joey Salads career as an Internet star is hopefully over. His hoax has over a million views. Mark’s video just 33,000+ as of this writing.

An hour ago the Daily Mail broke the story of the hoax on that big news organization’s site.

Someone ought to try the social experiment for real and see what happens. There are plenty of real stories of Trump signs being vandalized and stolen. I’ve posted one or two of them myself.

14 thoughts on “Drudge Fell For A Hoax (and so did I): Smashed Trump Car Fake Video

  1. Saboteur, The only indicator that the video was fake was that it took the negroid’s so long to getting around to destroying the vehicle, and that so few dindu’s participated. The real situation would have been much worse and the mob would have attacked the driver and any passengers, too.

    Here is one you probably have not heard about yet, and may not since it only stayed up for about 3 hours.

    A Cloven-Hoofed Hillary Clinton with an International Banker suckling at her breast.jpg


  2. That Indian Museum worker felt empowered to utilize force to censor the showing of the Hillary statue. Note that the head of that museum is not too unreasonable in his view regarding the Indians, compared to some (see “I think we have to be careful going too far with the parallels between the Holocaust and the Native American experience, for several reasons.”, at the end), but as is always the case with the heads of such organizations, he first defers to the jews,

    “Kevin Gover began his career as a civil rights attorney, worked as Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of the Interior, taught law at Arizona State University, and is now director of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. His Pawnee tribal name means “Shield Chief,”
    “By training I’m a lawyer and practiced law for a number of years in Washington D.C. and New Mexico, entirely representing Indian tribes in the United States. And one of the things that struck me, in my law career, was how many of the lawyers from the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s who were representing Indian tribes, when it wasn’t a popular thing to do, were Jewish. And, in fact, everyone would agree that the greatest lawyer in our field in history was Felix Cohen. He wrote the Handbook of Federal Indian Law.

    And Cohen actually readily drew the analogy between the treatment of Native Americans and the treatment of Jews in Germany. He’s famous for a quote where he said: “Like the Jews in Germany, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere, and our treatment of the Indian, more than our treatment of any other minority, marks the rise and fall in our democratic faith.” And, I mean, those are incredibly powerful words that always stuck with me from the moment I saw them. So, Cohen certainly had a very broad political consciousness and associated the treatment of German Jews with the treatment of Indians in the United States.”


    • Cohen could instead have said, truthfully ” “Like the Jews in Germany, the Palestinian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere, and our treatment of the Palestinian, more than our treatment of any other minority, marks the rise and fall in our democratic faith.”

  3. “Ethical and legitmate” (((Mark Dice))) descriptive himself.
    He is the guy that lies to people and then mocks their answers/reactions to his lies. Most of his videos are like this. Lie to some dumb schmuck who then makes a fool of them self.
    This is not ethical or legitimate in my opinion except as comedy.

    YouTube is full of fakery, JewSpew and Horseshit and is best used as a free TV to watch great TV shows and movies from about 1950, give or take ten years.
    Plus you can listen to great music for free too. I wonder how YouTube can pirate so much stuff and get away with it without paying royalties to copyright holders? They mostly protect the bigger names and more recent productions. For example you will not find many Disney movies on Youtube.

    • Dice copied Jay Leno, the host of the Tonight Show for many years. Here’s a sample of Leno’s man on the street interviews, mocking the ignorance of Americans. These were very popular. Leno’s retired now.

  4. With (((education philanthropists))) such as the Rockefellers how could America’s standards of education so drastically decline?! First, who are the Rockefellers and what is it about them which might want White America to suffer a decline in such a historically short period of time [between the turn of the Century and now].

    David Rockefeller merely followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, but we learn this about him.

    “Born in 1915 and youngest son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Descendant of the German-Jewish Roggenfelder family which came to the United States in 1722. Attended school in New York City and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English history and literature from Harvard University in 1936. Followed this with a Ph.D. (1940) in economics from the University of Chicago, following study at both Harvard and the London School of Economics.”


    • ” …[T]here is a world of difference between education and conditioning. Helping to bring out each individual’s innate abilities and intellect (educating them) versus crafting a desired response to external stimuli (conditioning them)…”.

      “Lionni takes it a step further, concluding that, “These men, it can safely be said, conspired to control American education while buttressing the Rockefeller fortune against all attacks, ensuring that their autocratic views would prevail. With the General Education Board, Rockefeller’s “education trust,” a virtually unlimited source of funds, was made available to the Wundtian psychologists’ ambitious design on American education.”

      Within a very short amount of time, Rockefeller dollars began pouring into Columbia University’s Teachers College; a college full of Wundtian disciples. The unholy alliance had been born. By the beginning of WWI, a new form of education had begun to branch out; a system based on operant conditioning instead of true education.”


  5. The Rockefellers are Sephardic jews and they have never had the interests of America or White Americans at heart. Quite the opposite. You need to correct the text below by substituting the word Converso for the “Marrano” reference as it is used below. The Rockefellers were Marranos because of their Turkish extraction, but were Conversos (Jews who “PRETEND” to convert to Christianity), too.

    “The grandfather of our former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France. It was from France that they moved to America. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was a wealthy man even before he took over Standard Oil Co., which made their family one of the richest in the world. No one has ever explained how this family came into such wealth as soon as they arrived in America from France.

    There is no known information on how the Rockefellers came into huge amounts of money in France. Some think they got their money from the Rothschilds and were originally their agents in buying up Christian businesses in America. “Marranos” are Jews who “PRETEND” to convert to Christianity so as to deceive Christians in their business dealings, but secretly continued to practice Judaism in private rituals. For this reason, a Marrano family like the Rockefellers would make the perfect tool for the Rothschilds of France who have for centuries used secret agents to carry on their work.”


    • @Flanders Why would Jews in America (especially very rich ones) need to hide their Jewishness?

      Most of the comments on this article are of you! You the expositor of conspiracy theories and racist and sexist insults. I mean no insult when I say that from you comments here, I get the impression that you have a very miserable life. That’s too bad. I hope you can find some way to improve you situation so that you carry less hate.

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