Better Dead Than Racist

Hillary looking insane

In the 60s the (((left))) proclaimed itself to be anti-war when it was actually pro-communist, hoping for a bloc of Communist governments throughout Southeast Asia with the fall of Vietnam.

Today, the (((neocons))) and their leftist stooges are pro-war, especially war with Russia.

This policy position should be a major topic of discussion in the presidential election, as Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out.

It’s not. The (((media))) diverts our attention to Donald Trump’s alleged racism and sexism, rather than his peace position.

Excerpt from Radix Journal

Given the choice between a pro-war egalitarian and an anti-war racist, the Left has emphatically chosen the former. Among the SWPLs with whom I live and work in the Washington beltway, support for Hillary is de rigeur, while support for Trump would bring immediate ostracism. I actively avoid workplace functions from the knowledge—borne from experience—that they inevitably turn into anti-Trump hatefests.

And this is despite the fact that, if Hillary actually does antagonize Russia into World War III, we in the nation’s capital will be among the first incinerated. Thus, whether consciously or through willful blindness, the DC smart set prefer to increase their own chances of death than dissent from egalitarian orthodoxy.

The modern, fashionable liberal’s approach to this election is an application of the “Rotherham effect” on a global scale. For over 16 years, over a thousand young girls in Rotherham, England were raped, abused, and groomed as sex slaves by Pakistani immigrants. One such girl was raped with a broken glass bottle while others were doused in gasoline and threatened to be lit on fire. There are reports that other girls even had their tongues nailed to tables, ostensibly to prevent them from speaking to the police.

Most tragically of all, the nail-tongue was entirely unnecessarily; the town council and local police actually knew about what was going on, but simply failed to act, because acting against dark-skinned immigrants might be considered racist.

The types of people who would ignore the localized, private brutality in Rotherham for the sake of conforming to left-wing shibboleths are the same ones who demand that we support the one candidate for the presidency who would make the extermination of the entire human race more likely. Of course, when pushed, most of them will say that they do not want war with Russia. But they are still willing to look the other way when their chosen candidate acts to make that war more likely. The fact that they not only fail to do same, but work themselves into a moralistic frenzy, when People magazine slaps together a few hastily assembled sexual allegations against Donald Trump tells you all the need to know about the demented death cult that is the modern Left.

Whereas once its claimed peace as its highest value, now it would rather destroy the world in nuclear winter than countenance a peace candidate who might have called a Latina beauty queen “Ms. Housekeeping.”

As proved over and over again when someone makes a “racist” remark on social media and is then fired and demonized, the (((culture))) in America today knows no greater sin than racism. Not even the extinction of the human race caused by a foolish psychopath exemplifed by Hillary Clinton.

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