TED Talk: Get Rid of Pale, Stale, Male Leadership

Sayu Bhojwani

The embedded video below is one of the most disgusting talks you’ll ever hear. Listen to the first minute. That’ll be enough.

Right now, it only has 403 views, so hopefully this BS propaganda junk will fall through the cracks.

Published on Oct 4, 2016

Sayu Bhojwani: How immigrant voices make democracy stronger – Ted Talk 2016 – Ted.com
Sayu Bhojwani: How immigrant voices make democracy stronger – Ted Talk 2016 – Ted.com – Ted Talk | Today’s Talk 2016

In politics, representation matters — and that’s why we should elect leaders who reflect their country’s diversity and embrace its multicultural tapestry, says Sayu Bhojwani. Through her own story of becoming an American citizen, the immigration scholar reveals how her love and dedication to her country turned into a driving force for political change. “We have fought to be here,” she says, calling immigrant voices to action. “It’s our country, too.”
Sayu Bhojwani
Immigration scholar
Sayu Bhojwani recruits and supports first and second generation Americans to run for public office.

Dumbass c*nt. The British fought to be in India. I suppose it’s their country too. If Sayu were consistent, she’d have to believe that the British should still rule India.

She’s a shill for the Democrat party. With her kind in charge instead of that pale, stale, male that she despises, we’ll all be sh*tting in the streets the way they do in India. And girls will be gang raped on public transit, just like in India.

F*ck her. Go eat a curry sandwich, bitch!


Her website: New American Leaders

2 thoughts on “TED Talk: Get Rid of Pale, Stale, Male Leadership

  1. Why did she run away from her own country? She’s not an American and she never will be, just like the paki’s in the UK, they will never be British either, their loyalties lay in their homelands, where they are free to go back to after they have fleeced my country dry of every benefit they can claim. Democracy, in my opinion is the worst form of government for a multicultural society, in fact, for any society. It breeds identity politics and sets one group against the other, also the majority group of voters can be manipulated with immigration just as we are seeing today. Go home miss, and build up your own country instead of running away from your problems and creating more in the countries of others.

    • The Hindus felt like they had the right to drive out the British. Well, by logic Americans and Brits have the right to drive out foreigners who are exploiting our countries. It would be interesting to know where they get their money–her foundation or whatever it is.

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