Beautiful Russian Woman Touted as New Putin is Also Manga Sex Symbol

Watch Natalia’s Christmas greeting video below, with English subtitles, to see what a healthy nationalism is about. There is no politician in America except Donald Trump who espouses the kind of love of country and people that Natalia speaks to in her two minute greeting.

What a lovely role model for Russian women. Compare her to the sickening globalism and ugliness of Hillary Clinton.

Clearly, based on this evidence, Russia is a healthy society and America is on its death bed.

The so-called ‘Iron Princess of Crimea’ Natalia Poklonskaya who went viral after she became an anime sex symbol has been tipped as the new Vladimir Putin.

The 36-year-old chief prosecutor has announced she will be running for a seat in Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of the country’s parliament.

Poklonskaya hopes to enter the Kremlin on the ticket of United Russia, a centrist, pro-Putin party.

She is soften referred to as a potential candidate for the 2018 presidential elections and is listed in Forbes’ list of most promising politicians.

Poklonskaya became Crimea’s chief prosecutor at the age of just 33, very soon after the republic seceded from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation in 2014.

She was threatened with arrest by Kiev and Ukrainian nationalists reportedly even plotted to assassinate her.

Natalia Poklonskaya2

In an interview she gave to the Voice of Russia, she branded the Ukraine authorities in Kiev as “devils from the ashes” and made it clear she supported Crimea’s new-found independence.

She went viral in a matter of minutes after her first press conference.

A video from the event – all in Russian – was retweeted 10,000 almost as soon as it aired.

One admirer posted “All Hail The Queen” and ‘anime-style’ art drawings of her began flooding websites.

Natalia Poklonskaya

One video, in which Poklonskaya listens to a reporter’s question, was viewed nearly 300,000 times since it was posted to a Japanese YouTube channel – despite no translation of her answer being provided.

Reams of manga image and anime fan art inspired by her then emerged.

I’m in love. Watch these videos, but careful, you may fall in love too.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Russian Woman Touted as New Putin is Also Manga Sex Symbol

  1. A beautiful Natalia, intelligent, well and plainly spoken, and with a love for her own and her people’s ancestry and ambitions. In comparison Hillary is like an abscessed wart on a bullfrog’s anus.

    In the jew-run US, clean. honest, and wholesome patriotism, a love of God, country, and forebears has been removed from most of the American girls and women, and now, too, from those pretty-boys whom their Marxist schools breed and indoctrinate – except for those instances where it suits the Zionists to promote their own wars for the profits and power of jewry and for Rothschild’s Israel..

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