Amren Appeals for Arguments that Work Against Liberals

The alt-right has moved beyond the sterile intellectual discussions at Amren. However, in the war of ideas it’s always good to have the facts and logic on your side. Liberals probably won’t listen because they are driven by emotion.

American Renaissance appealed to its readers to offer suggestions on how to change the mind of a liberal.

One commenter offered the above poster as being effective at showing liberal illogic.

Frank DeScushin offered 24 points of logic that he considered effective. This was the top comment on the Amren article.

I personally don’t think this type of intellectualizing is effective, but feel free to convince me that I’m wrong.

It’s easy to argue against multiculturalists and egalitarians because their positions almost always contradict facts, history, and logic. And since they almost always flip their positions when whites are involved it’s easy to catch them in their double standard.

Here’s a few quick retorts I like to ask to put the multicultural egalitarian on the spot:


1) If it was wrong for African and Asian leaders to sell out their people so that Europeans could establish a foothold in Africa and Asia, then why is it right for European leaders to sell out their people so that Africans and Asians can establish a foothold in Europe?

2) If you lionize nationalists like Gandhi and Mandela for pushing back against foreigners in their nations then why do you villainize European nationalists for pushing back against foreigners in their nations?

3) If colonialism is to blame for African nations trailing other nations then why are nations like Hong Kong and Canada that were under colonial rule so far ahead of other nations?

4) If colonialism is to blame for problems in African and Caribbean problems like crime and lack of economic development then why are most of those problems increasing, not decreasing, post-colonialism?

5) If colonialism is to blame for Africa’s problems then why did Africa trail other areas of the world in terms of civilization building, written language, inventions, etc. pre-colonialism?

Whites are so racist:

6) If white nations are racist and racism is the worst thing that someone can live under, then why do all migratory flows show non-white people migrating to white nations?

oppression of blacks funny cartoon

7) If white nations are so racist then why do blacks enjoy a far higher standard of living in white nations than in black nations?

8) If white people and politicians are so racist then why do blacks enjoy a far higher standard of living in white areas with white leadership as opposed to in majority black cities with black leadership?

9) If white Americans should willing accept becoming a minority and all that entails then current American minority groups should willingly accept being a minority and all that entails, right?

10) If white nations and white people are so racist then why do they allow open and angry anti-white rhetoric and protests in their nations? Seems like they would ruthlessly suppress that language and those protests if they were so racist.

Diversity & The Multicultural Utopia:

11) If you believe that a multicultural Utopia will be reached only when white racists die off then why not let white racists splinter off from your multicultural society so that you can have your Utopia now?

12) If diversity is strength then why is the history of man one where diversity is the major cause of conflict?

13) If divesity is strength then why in the present world does it cause sectarian conflict in the Middle East, tribal conflict in Africa, and ethnic conflict in Europe?

14) If diversity is America’s strength then why do the protests, riots, and political polling we’re seeing all mainly fall along racial lines?

15) If diversity is so good and natural then why does it have to be “a process” rather than readily accepted and compelled rather than welcomed?

16) If diversity is something we should all strive for then why do you support separate black, Hispanic, or Asian groups?

17) If diversity is strength then why do black urbanites complain so much about the ethnic gentrification of “their” neighborhoods?


18) If Islam has nothing to do with terrorism then why do so many terrorists tell us that they’re acting in the name of Allah?

19) If Islam can be fit into non-Muslim societies peacefully then name a society with a Muslim minority that doesn’t have some Muslim related tension and conflict?

Slavery, Segregation, and Trauma as an excuse

20) If the legacy of segregation is the cause for blacks trailing other groups then why did blacks almost instantly surpass all other groups in pro sports once segregation in that field was lifted?

21) If trauma is to blame for one group trailing others then why was Germany a premier European power and Japan a top Asian power mere decades after both nations were bombed into oblivion and lost millions of men?

22) If slavery is to blame for blacks trailing other groups then why don’t other groups who experienced slavery at one point in their history, which is to say nearly all groups, also failing at as high a rate?

Race as a negative social construct:

23) If race is merely a negative social construct that should be eradicated then why continue to propagate it by endlessly using this alleged social construct for Affirmative Action, hiring, appealing to voting blocs, etc.?

Commenter Alfred Wesker offered one more:

24) Do you have some biological theory to explain why one would expect that different human populations separated in their evolution for tens of thousands of years and exposed to very different selective pressures should have necessarily developed identical intelligences?

10 thoughts on “Amren Appeals for Arguments that Work Against Liberals

  1. I like these arguments.

    Why not send them to a lefty person not too close to you, and see how they cope?? I will do this myself and see what happens, to a lefty friend who is a Marxist nigger lover. He lives nowhere near any niggers of course. His working class area of Sydney was invaded by Muzzies., So he moved to an all white country town which has many extreme right wingers! It is easy to love abos when there are none in your suburb.

    I think committed SJWs will not change their mind even after they are raped or robbed by niggers. They will forgive their nice tinted attackers, if not even thank them.

    • The further away from them they are. The more they love ’em. So-called celebs are an excellent example.

    • I followed my own advice and sent all the comments with the embedded cartoon. My lefty friend has already replied and acknowledged that there are many interesting ideas.
      He will never change his voting habits but it may swing him to the reality of the non white invasion of the West. Deep down I think most people hate it, even left wingers. Look at their Facebook friends and there is a sea of white faces. This is usually the case but not always.

      Even so called white anti racists – do blacks like them and want to be friends with them?? Any thinking black would want nothing to do with them. Blacks have blacks for friends.

      It is the (((elites))) that are swamping the West with mudskins and blacks. Nobody voted for this, there is no mandate from the “people”.

  2. Build your multicultural Utopia in non-White countries where there are no White racists to interfere.

  3. These are great examples. Trying to reason with liberals is exhausting. They don’t get it. Some do come around, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I think they are born mentally unstable or they wouldn’t be liberals. They wouldn’t be following Marxism. They live in what was the greatest country in the world only to go about destroying it. Logic, common sense, sound reasoning is not that difficult. Why is it for them? Why are they so easily brainwashed? Why so emotional and sensitive?

    For an excellent explanation of why liberals are liberals, read “The Progressive Virus.” Anthony Napoleon. Dr. Napoleon says liberals are mentally ill.

    • I believe Ann Coulter makes the same point about liberals being mentally ill. I observed a lot of that during my time in higher education. Thank goodness my professors were not liberals for the most part.

  4. Paladin,

    “I personally don’t think this type of intellectualizing is effective.”

    Ha! That’s all they do at Amren. Did they come up with ways to change liberal thinking? A few converts told why they switched, but no one came up with bona fide ways to change liberal thinking. The only hope is to rid the West of Marxism. Change education, entertainment, advertising, and the media. Youngsters should be taught traditional education, morals, and values…and accurate American history.

    We may not be able to change liberal adults’ minds because they are out in loolooland dancing around in their fantasies of utopia. They can’t face the harsh realities of the world and when someone comes along to point out realities, they become so incensed their bubble is being burst. They hate life so much, they can’t face it. Everyone knows the reaction….racist, regardless of whether the reality has anything to do with race or not. The real problem with them is that they are extremely unhappy, hateful, ugly people who actually hate themselves and everything around them. They are guilty of what they accuse others. They are extremely unhealthy psychologically.

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