Absurd Social Justice Warrior Banishes Children for These Halloween Costumes

What a despicable sewer rate to spoil Halloween for children by bringing in liberal nonsense.

Remember the cry, “Trick or treat.” How about showing these social justice warriors a trick? Can you think of a good one?

18 thoughts on “Absurd Social Justice Warrior Banishes Children for These Halloween Costumes

  1. A pirate costume promotes rape culture ?

    The should take a look at the rape statistics and see how many pirates have been convicted of rape as opposed to the number of google convicted during the last ten years.

    Perhaps someone should send them a copy of said stats.

    If it’s rape culture they are concerned about ban anything African or Asian.

    As well as teachers. So ban teachers.

      • There are far more articles on the internet about teachers raping kids. None about pirates.

        Any SJWanker that supports Moslem immigration is promoting rape culture. Shameful.

      • Well then, there appear to be a majority of severely retarded former Amerikstan adults.

        Be on the lookout for trick or treaters dressed as isis fighters, wearing explosive suicide vests and carry machetes yelling “Aloha Snackbar!” when you open the door.

  2. SJWankers are stereotyping White kids. That’s all there are in that poster.

    Isn’t there a google Superman these days ? Yet they seem to be opposed to a White boy dressing as Superman.

    As for not promoting violence.

    Don’t allow black lives matter shirts and posters in school. It promotes violence.

      • Yes all over the country.

        ” Creepy clown sightings spread to Britain

        Series of sightings of people dressed as clowns and frightening children reported across UK after similar incidents sweep US”

        “People around the UK have reported a series of sightings of people dressed as clowns frightening children, with six separate reports of “clown incidents” reported by Northumbria police in the past week. ”


        They should take a look at all of those creepy leftists we have walking around.

  3. Surely this is a gag, or trolling.
    The princess costume is ideal wear for males, surely? I do not understand why the female in the cop outfit is bad. Cops are bad, I guess.
    A female injun should be good in the PC world.
    A viking would be a big no no, or a confederate soldier or Southern belle.
    I suppose an SS uniform is not OK?
    What about an IDF uniform? (Israeli).
    Or NKVD outfit, that should be OK.
    Females could dress like Ellen DeGenerate.
    Males could dress like some famous poofter.

    Must have been a fun party? Maybe kiddie nudity was encouraged by the SJW, clothes are evil!

  4. If I saw a sign like that locally I would pay kids $100 to wear those exact costumes and raid that house
    Then switch costumes and do it over and over again

    Also…. what the fuck is an ablist?

      • I don’t cotton to ridiculing cripples because theyou are crippled but i’ll be double dipped in shit before or call them other abled

    • An ablist is someone who hires firemen and police who have two legs and two arms and are more than five feet six inches tall. Forty years ago they had to be five feet eleven inches tall. Is humanity shrinking?
      An ablist marries someone like this and has children.
      Paul McCartney is a disablist and got the rewards for being nice to a cripple – a kick in the guts.
      I confess to being an ablist.
      Is this a hate crime yet?

  5. Just heard on the tv news that eight men have been convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham.

    It lasted about fifteen seconds.

    They weren’t, of course, White.

  6. We already have won he argument against the SJWankers.many, many millions agree with us. Every single argument defeated. That’s why they use abusive comments, mindlessly repeating a single word over and over again, and violence against us.

    The lefties are brainwashed idiots who will never see the truth, even if it kicked them in the nuts.

  7. “How about showing these social justice warriors a trick? Can you think of a good one?”

    A group in Clown costumes carrying buckets of tar and feathers.

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