White Extinction: Contradictions in Black Male, White Female Sex

Miscegenation propaganda--the Jewish psy op, promoting interracial sex never lets up; now it's naked dating, whatever the f*ck kind of Talmudvision that is

French New Right Resistance writer Guillaume Faye offers some thoughts from a longer piece titled The Race Mixing Imperative.

Excerpt from Righton.net

Biologically, the disappearance of a people, an ethnicity, or a race is achieved principally through others intermixing with its women, that is, with their wombs. The union of a woman of race X with a male of race Y is much more dangerous for race X than for race Y. For women are the biological and sexual reservoir of a race, a people, a genetic patrimony — not men.

Indeed, a woman can only bear a limited number of children in her life, while man can generate a multitude with any number of fertile women. Demographers only define fertility and population renewal in terms of the number of children per woman, by maternity and not by paternity.

This is why today we must as an even more serious problem to that of uncontrolled immigration of third world populations (which have a higher fertility rate) into the countries of Europe, namely the problem of the interbreeding of White women with men of colour, which, in France especially, is reaching noticeable proportions. Not only does the White race thus face competition within its own territory, not only does it fail to renew itself across generations with its weak rate of fertility (that is, everywhere under two children per woman), but a fraction of its reproducing women are subtracted from the number which will reproduce their own kind and opt instead to give birth to mixed-race persons. So, besides the growth of a foreign population pouring across our borders and reproducing itself via its practice of endogamy, fertile White women are having fewer children and, on top of this, a portion of them are offering themselves to foreigners.

race mixing vogue cover

Whites, with a few exceptions, are the only people who are not concerned about their collective future, who do not possess a racial consciousness, so guilty and complex-ridden have they become. One of the causes, in addition to their universalist christianoform mentality, is perhaps to be sought in the consequences of Nazism, which have provoked a mental paralysis and collective bad conscience.

It is very strange that the man of colour is proud to be seen with a White woman and to give her children. There are various contradictory reasons for this.

First of all, it is a matter of signaling the appropriation of a White woman in order to humiliate the White man on his own turf. This capture of the female is a very ancient ethological phenomenon for which history offers many examples, the roots of which are found in the animal kingdom. To be seen with a White woman is both a mark of pride and of revenge. At the same time, in Africa and the Middle East, men of the higher classes aspire to whiten themselves by taking a European wife; this is the case with a number of African and Arab monarchs. Similarly, African and Antillean women — from the days of French colonialism right up until today — dream of nothing but marrying a European, not only for the prestige but also to have less coloured children.

In these two contradictory cases, we observe a schizophrenic inferiority-superiority complex: humiliate the dominant White man by taking a White wife, but at the same time ‘whiten’ one’s own descendants, implicitly acknowledging feelings of belonging to an inferior race. Destroy the White race while whitening oneself: an insurmountable contradiction. Consider, too, Senghor, the ‘Négritude’ movement’s poet, who married a White woman and had mixed-race children!

One exception to this trend is the Tribe Ka. This Black racist, extremist, and violently anti-Zionist group led by Kémi Séba (an ideologue of rather limited powers) takes inspiration from American radical Black movements and claims to reject mixture with Whites and to dissuade Blacks from looking for White wives. However, this is a rather louche position, for these people are perfectly able to reproduce with African women, to establish African families and brotherhoods in France, and in no way do they forbid the impregnation of White women.

* * *

We should also consider that other phenomenon involving inversion. The imperative of miscegenation (if possible with a White woman) is of course founded on the egalitarian ideology of anti-racism. At the same time, the attraction to Arab and Black men, or to swarthy men more generally, is based upon very ambiguous imagery. Such men are supposedly super-virile and perform exceptionally well sexually. But the image which is offered in the media and most notably in the pornographic industry is that of animal strength: no longer Tarzan, but King Kong. Sporty, athletic, violent, with a penis and muscles inversely proportional to his cerebral capacities. In short, the image of the lover of colour is that of animalism. The Black and the Arab man is implicitly and subtly reduced to the status of human beasts. This entirely contradicts the anti-racist agenda which is the heart of the dominant ideology: an unconscious racism is at the heart of anti-racism….

Mythical creature photographed--the intelligent, strong, happy, superior black male--a delight for any woman

Of course, this belief in the sexual and physical super-capacity of the Black or the Arab is a myth which corresponds to no reality. It is a fantasy to which the destructured White woman succumbs, stupefied by the gigantic media propaganda machine.

* * *

white on black

The white woman who mixes with the nonwhite male is also mentally contradicted. She is putting her children at short term risk that arises from the animal King Kong nature of the darker male. Mating with a beast whose violent tendencies are barely under control is rather foolish. We’ve presented here case after case of white women and their children murdered by the beast.

There’s also the high rate of abandonment to consider. Black males have itchy d*cks and those diks go wandering off in search of new wombs to impregnate with alarming frequency. White women with mixed race offspring aren’t a very good deal for a white man looking for a wife. In practical terms, the white woman abandoned by the Negro ends up “married” to the government for life.

But there is a very long term risk associated with interracial mating too. The nonwhite is incapable intellectually and temperamentally of creating an economic society that offers prosperity and stability. A decline in standards of living associated with nonwhiteness (Asian societies may be an exception) means that a white female’s mixed race children, grandchildren, and even more distant future descendants are going to be living in a dog eat dog jungle rather than a pleasant, stable, world of Western values.

stereotype jew promoting miscegenation

35 thoughts on “White Extinction: Contradictions in Black Male, White Female Sex

  1. Notice that the last two women pictured have fake boobs. Fake stuff right away is a signal that something is awry.

    Studies show correlation between plastic surgery and suicidal ideation.

  2. European people cannot except these non European races in our countries, they need to be expelled along with the mongrel offspring of Europeans and non Europeans, suggestions on how we can get the ball rolling on that anyone? VB especially.

    • Seems only a collapse of civilization Mad Max style would ever turn things around. Just need to make sure the “Jew” gets put in a separate place. Otherwise…………history will repeat itself over, and over and over again.

  3. The offspring of such pairings are generally ugly as well, I remember seeing some what of a trend of European women with mystery meat kids dying their kids black hair blonde…

  4. Several years ago, I watched a video performance by a female comedian. She said that the best sex consisted of “Jungle Fucking.” She mentioned no particular race(s), just that Jungle Fucking was the best; uninhibited, harder/faster, rape-fantasy sex.

  5. even blacks have sex with other blacks is “beast of the field” -iality!!!

    Whites (Spirits) having sex with blacks is not possible. Only other beasts / j.e.w.s. have sex, after all!!!

    “Whites (Spirits of Love, Truth, et al, Righteousness) Make Love, Only!!!”

  6. Hopefully that’s enough links to keep this from posting. Have an important question. I’m doing my first non K9 petition on this individual:

    I’m directing it to UCF asking for his dismal. I “thought” I read somewhere on your bog that you worked in a university. Hence my question ~ what grounds do I ask that he be dismissed on (besides the obvious POS puppy torturer, killer that I’d like to kick the crap out of skinny punk).?
    And Change.com suggests you not address to top person. Hmmm. He’s an undergrad studying jazz. Here are my options:
    Dr. John C. Hitt, President
    Dr. A. Dale Whittaker, Provost and Executive Vice President
    Anthony Jenkins, Dean of Students
    Jeff Rupert, Director of Jazz Studies
    Steven R. Chicurel-Stein, Interim Director of Music


  7. So I will just put this out here….could it be that white women are going with the mocha men because they feel adored, worshiped, appreciated by them?

    Mocha is not my flavor, but I have to say that when one peruses the dating scene it is truly a mess. I gave up a long time ago. I was in great shape, worked, paid bills, went to school, etc. Was not good enough. I never did the online dating thing because I have gotten alot of bad feedback about that.

    People want the world, expect the world, but do not give shyte. Maybe these women are tired of living up to unrealistic expectations?

    • What are those unrealistic expectations?

      Not being a land whale and not being a cunt to demanding of a standard?

      It’s women with unrealistic expectations, as research shows over and over again.

    • “People want the world, expect the world, but do not give shyte.”
      That describes women even more than men.
      The first chapter of “50 Shades of Grey HorsePoo” is all about the heroine meeting the hero. She literally falls over in to his strong arms as she enters his office. She giggles and blushes non stop.
      He is incredibly rich, incredibly good looking, incredibly charming and – also incredibly young, in his early 30’s. This book is fiction, after all.
      Had he been aged about 65 it might be more believable.
      Anyway the success of that silly book tells a lot about women and their expectations.
      They want Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe or Johnny Depp with their current wealth and fame but only if these men are, due to time travel or some other miracle, aged about 35 or so.

  8. The Ton, as King of the CSA would
    #1 make all forms of beastiality punishable by death
    #2 greatly reduce the population of non Whites by ending the various “charity ” programs that keep their numbers artificially high. Removing that tax burden would allow Whites to afford more babies.
    #3 do away with the dumb ass notion women have value outside the roles of domestic chores and child production
    #4, if the given situation merited, use labs, White eggs and White baby batter to create viable embryos, then have those embryos planted into various non White hosts

    More White babies, baby passing the choke point of White wombs

    This is a literal war of surrival and not the time to be sentimental

    Mostly I see that as neacasry because White women have fully embraced the genocide of the White race. It’s a drastic problem that only drastic measures will slove

  9. The feminist started pushing miscegenation for White Women years ago. They pretty much had to because as everyone except a few crazy not-a-Norse women out there know Feminism is about the looting of White Men period. The feminist needed all the allies they could get. At the same time the feminist were pushing their race mixing they also made sure to proclaim anything a White man says or does towards a White woman as being illegal, rape controlling patriarchy or a reason for immediate termination from their livelihood. The effect after decades has been White Men literally cannot compete on the mating market any longer and if they try they will eventually get nailed by the laws and extreme bias. In college these days they cannot even have consensual sex with a woman without holding their breath until graduation (and beyond) of her claiming it was rape. Then it is guilty without a trial and your life is over.

    Until we completely eliminate all forms of Feminism from the White race we are going to be facing this continual genocide. I think most people who comment here understand that.

  10. Do you like chocolate honey? Cause that sure don’t smell like chocolate. If you want to breed thoroughbreds you don’t use stinky donkey dicks. Their genes are where fossils are, and your ancestors will never forgive you for throwing away their future for stinky shit you picked up outta the gutter.

    • Growing up in the deep south, a kid would hear the words “Niggers stink” with a great deal of frequency. Was this nonsense or truth? I’m not going to do any sniff tests to try to find out!!!

      • I was in New York in August, decades ago. The stink of nigger piss out the front of buildings was worse than any Coon piss I ever smelt in Africa. Only the piss of a wild male leopard was stronger. Phew!

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