Was Jesus a Jew? (Video)

jesus with lamb

This is a 2008 video that apparently presents an even older presentation by a Christian Nationalist pastor.

Presented for your consideration, as I am not an expert on these matters.

From the youtube information box:

Jesus was a ‘Judean’, not a Jew.

During His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the “homeland” of the ancestors of those who today style themselves “Jews”. Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their “homeland”, and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

Jesus abhorred and denounced “Pharisaism”; hence the words, “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers”.

Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

“The Talmud is, then, the written form of that which in the time of Jesus, was called the Traditions of the Elders.” — Rabbi Michael L. Rodkinson

“The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.” — Universal Jewish Encyclopedia

Unfortunately, the video cuts out in midsentence, but the main ideas are presented before that happens.

17 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Jew? (Video)

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  2. I can answer all of your questions. Jesus was not killed. Jesus laid his life down. Jesus could do that because Jesus was God with blood in his physical form that looked like a root out of the dry ground. The anti Christ is Lucifer who wants to stand on the earth saying he is God shining brightly. Allah is Lucifer in the Quran. Jesus cast out the unscrupulous money changers. K Jesus fulfilled ;love works no ill to your neighbour. The law of man is work ill to whoever. Islam is work ill to whoever. People who use God’s word to work ill to a person will break God’s law. They that break that law will be violently minded person. God wanted that mentality to be eradicated from the earth even as it was eradicated from his kingdom. 3:16:Muslims worship Jesus with their lips too saying Jesus is a great prophet. Thiose words are hollow words. Jesus is the Lord God visually seen. Muslims are like the canaanites not the Jews. Canaanites allowed for cannibalism. Muslims allow for cannibalism. Muslims are Baal worshipers using the crescent moon and star symbol that Baal worshipers used.

    • I see the Gordian knot in your statements. The vast majority of Christians are descended from the KRIOS worshippers ( Sun worshippers) the Greeks anglocised into KRIS TIANS . They donned red robes, yarmulkes ( miters, or fish mouth) and used the fish symbol and changed the 7th day Sabbath to SUNday, the 1st day of the week.
      The kabbal intrusion to make merchandise of the Saviour’s teaching ( to the white race only) involved declaring the Saviour a Jew. While Scripture and History show that the Saviour.. not JES_S, a Latin name…was from Galilee. ( Lee of the Gails) The Galileans were a fierce, militant tribe of Gails who protected themselves from invasion in the sea coast and mandated that every male,Including the Saviour, would learn the art of self defense and war. Three times in the Scriptures we see him, the Saviour, and his desciples fleeing ‘ for fear of the Jews’
      We have also Paul’s letter to the picts ( Galations) to confirm that the ‘Gospel’, which is a pict word meaning RETURN (TO THE LAW).
      The name of God, and the name of the SON, are not public and was revealed only to the disciples ; it was not JES_S. Pronounced ‘Hey Zeus’
      It is futile teaching sun worshippers the truth. They count private gain as ‘blessings’ slavery is freedom, they put the emblem of the fish ( mitre cap..fish mouth) on their cars, front porch, mail box and necklaces against the commandant in the old testament not to use the image of the fish.
      Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, … the likeness of any fish that is in the waters beneath the earth: (Deuteronomy 4:16  …)
      Hello, anybody home?
      The modern Christian wears the cross, a symbol of death, iround the neck.
      Look to all the crosses in MILITARY cemeterys and lining the road sides on highways. What does that cross mean?
      I digress. No! A thousand times NO! The saviour was not a Jew. Only one.. one.. of his disciples was a ‘devil’ ( advasary,Jew) and that was Judas.
      The Master answered them, Have not I chosen you the twelve? and of you one is a devil.John 6:70
      Furthermore, 1John 2:22 spells out, slightly cryptic, that the Jew is the antichrist, and in the book of Amos.

      Amos 5:26 | View whole chapter | See verse in contextBut ye have borne the tabernacle of yourMoloch and Chiun your images, the star ofyour god, which ye made to yourselves. ( six pointed star)
      And this reminder:
      2 Esdras 15:40 | View whole chapter | See verse in contextThe great and mighty clouds shall be puffed up full of wrath, and the star, that they may make all the earth afraid, and them that dwell therein; and they shall pour out over every high and eminent place an horrible star,

  3. Even if you don’t believe that he was incarnated from God and virgin Mary or that he was resurrected (let’s just say that it is fantasy), imo a jew is someone who also believes in their talmud and whatever else they have. Jesus on the contrary, was against anything that the jews stood for, lies, corruption, money. And because he was gaining popularity they killed him. Now if he actually was a jew, representing what they believed, they’d have no reason to kill him.

    So yeah imo even if you don’t believe everything the bible says and if you just think that Jesus existed (say from an atheist skeptic point of view) i still can’t see how someone can say that Jesus was a jew. And if you take into account that Jesus was the Son of God and resurrected and all his miracles and other things yeah. It’s just something that they try to degrade Christianity with.

    Also, one thing i really hate about Christianity since we’re on this topic. The old testament. What the fuck is that jew shit filled book doing in the Bible which is supposed to be christianity’s holy book?

    • You make a logical case that Jesus was not a Jew. If others weigh in, it will be interesting to see what they have to say. I have to stay out of this since the Bible is not my area of expertise. I will say that it seems unlikely from what we know that Jesus was a Jew.

      • Can’t say i’m an expert either, but hey even if he was a jew he basically hated jews so that’s good :D.

    • I was with you until you slammed the old testament. What specifically are you troubled about? Please state something other than a claim that the old testament is Jewish, which it is not.

      • If you read the old testament and the new testament, the god in both of those is different. In one he is vengeful in the other he is merciful amongst other things. And it is jewish “The Old Testament is the first section of the Christian Bible, based primarily upon the Hebrew Bible, a collection of religious writings by ancient Israelites” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Testament . It can’t get more jewish than that!

        If it helps, some christian “nazis” in ww2 also thought that they should follow only the new testament.

      • Greetings, Just here, the God of the Old testament said, Do I take pleasure that the wicked perish?
        This same ‘ vengeful’ God, ordered the fair treatment of slaves…a practice he did not originate..The whole world practised it.
        This God, ordered the safe keeping of orphans, saying, ” if they cry out to me I will hear.”
        The God of the new testament said, ” masters love your slaves.”
        Any difference with the old testament God, who said, If you knock the eye of your slave out, you must release that slave from bondage that slave is to be set free with compensation.

        The God of the new testament said, ‘ I have not come to change the law.. ”
        ‘ I have come to do my Father’s work.’ Any problem there?
        The God of the Old Testament ordered the safe keeping of widows. He ordered that the poor were to be given a corner of every field that they may glean at will.
        He ordered that a pledge given by the poor on a loan was not to be kept over night ( pledge was a bed).
        He ordered that every seven years what was owed by a debtor was to be forgiven in its entirety..see that happening today He ordered a man to marry a virgin he took advantage of.
        He ordered that weights and laws must be equal to both rich and poor
        He ordered the welfare for travelers and Strangers..
        Need I go on?
        Honestly, sir, you have not read the Bible. And that is a fact.
        Furthermore, the ancient ‘Israelites’ were not Jews ( Edomites) they are and were the white Race.

      • Thanks to both of you guys for having this conversation and for keeping it respectful. I’m not qualified t participate since I would be speaking out of ignorance for the most part.

      • A few good things doesn’t mean it’s not a different god. You just chose to select only the things that suit your argument.

        And i’m not sure that you can prove the ancient israelites were jews or not.

        In any case, i didn’t read too much of the old and new testament, but i’ve read enough. I didn’t say there weren’t any merciful things in the old one but he is much more vengeful.

        And the words Jesus spoke is transmited through others and they could have been misstranslated or changed. You just have to read the king james bible version and the normal one to see some pretty huge differences between them. Now add 2000 years to the mix. Only saying this in response to Jesus saying “i have not come to change the law”, because then he trashes the jews in the temple which is allowed by their law. Not to mention that you’re probably a catholic. I’m not and Jesus was not God, he was the son of God.

      • ‘I didn’t read too much…”
        You are unarmed.
        I have been called Catholic. I have been called Pentecostal. I have been called Anabaptist
        I have been called Christian.
        I am none of these. I am a scholar.
        The man you erroneously call JE_US claimed he was the almighty. When he walked the earth, the Earth’s magnetism was more powerful than it has ever been. The Stars Orion’s belt pulsed to the alarm of Rome. Three unnamed kings had journeyed to see the cause. It was a babe in a barn that they were led to. Demons lurked in alley ways and atop buildings.
        Men were blind because of poisoned waters. The magicians, sorcerers, Palm readers and witches ( scribes) were the Big Pharmacy of the day. The local newspapes nailed to bulluten boards announced the executions of criminals…natural doctors who went against rabbinal, kosher poisons.
        Blood issues were the causes of many diseases, blindness was just one.
        Practices that today are called voodoo were initiated through ” Pharisees” evil incantations calling upon Baal ( Satan) were uttered and unleashed on a populous that was like infantile America in the colonies.
        The World had reached a crescendo. This man you say was not God, said to his disciples, ‘unless you believe that I am he, you will perish’ John 8:24
        It would, today be like a rescue at sea by a drowning man:” unless you can swim this ocean, get in this boat!’
        We see in Isaiah,
        Yea, before the day was I am he; andthere is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it? Isaiah 43:13
        Few people realize the depths of Satan extant on earth the day the Saviour walked among us.
        We are there again today.
        The life boat is sounding.
        Unless you can swim the ocean, get aboard.

  4. the abbreviation j.e.w.s. stands for only just eternally wickeds and was never in any bible written or published by Israelites. The devils (j.e.w.s.) added it. Thus, Rev 2 & 3:9 “they (devils) call themselves Judah/Israel, when, in fact, they are the synagogue of satan”.

    j.e.w. = a mixed-race negro-Asian, as in Caiaphas and Annas’s (the two which murdered Christ) case, and in the case of most of the rest of them (the j.e.w.s. or devils).

    All 100% of Christ’s Contemporaries state: “Christ has blond hair, and blue eyes, as His Mother, Mary”.

    j.e.w.s. = blacks, Asians, and mixed of this and beth-togarmah type, as nothing-yahu and similars all are; race-mixers, that is.

  5. homerbuford is incorrect on may counts, mainly that the Old and New Testaments contradict each other and represent a ‘different’ God ; God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He says so Himself. Also, the Word states that ALL scripture is profitable and for our instruction. Read the whole thing, understand WHO Biblical Israelites were and are [the AngloSaxon, Celtic, Germanic , Nordic and kindred peoples] and one will see the total harmony of Scripture. Allow the Scripture to explain itself.
    Remember too that Jesus Himself said ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel’ , as well as ‘My sheep hear my voice’, plus numerous other texts underlining who He is and who we were and are.
    No, Jesus was certainly NOT a jew. That term, jew, is actually of relatively recent coinage, and doesnt even appear in the King James translation until somewhere along II Kings, whilst not in earlier manuscripts atall. In fact, most jews arent even jews, but are khazars, even according to their own writings. The jewish almanac itself – as well as other places – admits that jews are NOT Biblical Israelites, nor ancient Hebrews; its just a sham to maintain their parasitic existence off the dumb goy. The Bible even warns of that…
    Anyway, Jesus is not a ‘jew’ . How can he be the Christ and an antiChrist at the same time?!?!? Thats about as illogical as the term ‘judeo-Christian’…
    read the Bible folks, repent, be baptised in His name and God WILL keep His promise of II Chronicles 7:14 ; Hes done it before and will do it again. There is no hope for our people nor our nation[s] otherwise.

  6. Hebrews and Jews are not the same. The Torah is not Jewish. Abraham & Moses were not Jews. The 1st Jew was Judah, named a province; all who lived in it were called Jews.
    Jesus was from the land of the pagans = Galilee. He was from a group of late returnees from Babylon who, not being able to settle near Jerusalem, went to the closest place, and so he was called a Nazarene.
    He could read and write and knew the Torah intimately. Why? Because, even though the Hebrews were captives in foreign lands, they held onto their history and ethnic identity by studying Torah and teaching their children Torah. In this way the generations understood who they were. Even though they were in slavery amongst foreigners the children could read about their history and write about their own identity. And they were taught Torah in Galilee, which was a foreign, Roman pagan province. This amazed the priests when Jesus visited Jerusalem at the age of 12 ; a boy from the back of beyond.
    At the age of 30 he taught the Hebrew peasants, not like the Jew priests and Jew lawyers who only waffled about Babylonian Talmud and Kabala . But, Torah, and the Hebrews were amazed, because he taught with authority and power. He came to his own to re gather them to the Laws of Moses, because that was what he came to do. And the Hebrews flocked to hear him teach them their history and identity, for which they hungered and thirsted.
    And the Jew priests were jealous; all they told the people was about Babylonian magic.
    Jesus warned the Hebrews not to do the Jews Takanot – the traditions of men, but to fulfill the Law. Which was impossible. Only the perfect lamb of God could be sacrificed once and for all and so free the Hebrews from a burden which was slavery to the Law.
    On the cross he said, “It is finished”. What? Law slavery. The Hebrews were free at last.
    As for the Europeans, St Paul first, then later Peter, did not burden them with Hebrew tribal rites and tribal rules. Europeans had no need for baptisms as symbolic cleansings from the ways of Gentiles in order to return to the tribe. They were Gentile outsiders and could never be in the Hebrew tribe. No need for soap-less plunges nor for circumcision.
    Who Jesus really was is a mystery. What he taught has become obfuscated by control freaks who know that religion is a sure way to control the crowds and make a sure fast buck. From the Caesars of Rome to the nutters in the Christian Zionist/Schofield bible Jew run psy-ops. Nothing like a sprinkling of holy water and an offertory crate to please the lost sheeples.
    Just get his words on line, and dump the rest.

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