Weird Bearded Jew Feminist SJW Goes on Rant in Comedy Club (Video)

Jews are crazy. SJWs are crazy. The weirdo in this video is close to snapping. Don’t try to understand this. Don’t bother to watch all of it. Let your takeaway be how crazy Jews are on average and how they attempt to manipulate us.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Oct 7, 2016

As I begin to put this method into practice, I will start by taking the most practical approach of going to open mic events. At a later point, I can make attempts to speak at other events by invoking the Implicit Allowance for Expressing Necessary Objections that I believe should exist based upon the particular Axiomatic Principle of Social Engagement I referenced in my foundational lecture.

Open mic events often include or feature comedy. Therefore, I have decided that initial demonstrations will be related to criticism of this area. They will address the following broad topic: The Offensive Nature of Most Supposed Comedy Today.

I found that the Protest Chanting style I employed was very tough on my voice. For this reason, I will have to explore additional stylistic approaches.

One thought on “Weird Bearded Jew Feminist SJW Goes on Rant in Comedy Club (Video)

  1. This post of mine went missing….here it is again…..

    When will Jews become modest and assimilate into their host communities?
    Comedy is one of the last frontiers where the truth can be told about Jews, like that black guy in France who keeps getting jailed for it.
    Jews are not funny any more.
    The Soviet Union and Hitlers Germany were on the watch for any jokes which made fun of losing wars or nor being able to obtain food. Especially jokes about the fearless leader were a crime punishable by jail terms.
    In the Soviet Union laughing at any joke which criticized the glories of Communism was also punished by a long trip to the Gulag. Often a whole family got a one way ticket for this crime of laughter.

    (((Radek))) told many jokes about Stalin even after being warned not to. Here is one about him…

    Three prisoners share a cell in 1930s Russia.
    They ask why each if there, they answer one by one.
    “I criticised Comrace Radek”.
    “I praised Comrade Radek”.
    “I am Radek”.

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