Shocking Case of Head Lice Stuns Hairdresser in MEXICO (Video)

head lice

OK, I’m warning you. Don’t watch this video. To keep you from watching it, if you’ve come to this post on the homepage, you’ll have to click on the “continue reading” button to see it.

I watched for about five seconds and then had to stop.

Mexicans have lots of children but their standards of parenting are not up to Western standards. In every store in San Antonio, there are signs up warning parents (in Spanish and English) to watch their children, who have a tendency to run wild. Their standards of cleanliness are also very poor.

These are the children who are entering American schools by the millions now: unruly, unintelligent, and diseased. This is just a small sample of the problems that turd world creatures create for us in the West.

You’ll need eyewash if you watch. You’ve been warned.

eyewash gif

This video is so shocking that the Daily Mail, the Mirror, and Metro News have covered it.

11 thoughts on “Shocking Case of Head Lice Stuns Hairdresser in MEXICO (Video)

  1. I didn’t watch the video but am reminded of an old sea chantey we used to sing in the Navy:

    “Get out that old Blue Ointment, to the crab’s disappointment.”

    • Something else: We’ve all seen pictures of African babies, with huge globs of shit, hanging down from their eyes. I always thought, “Jeez, those poor babies have some weird tropical disease.” NOT SO. It is the natural secretion, from the eyes, that every human experiences, and many other animals, as well. A “normal” mother will wipe the goop out with a tissue or just her finger. It’s a very natural thing to do, except that those darkies, in Africa, are too lazy/stupid to do it. I take care of someone else’s dog and I clean it’s eyes, with my fingers, every day; sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. If I meet a new dog, and it has some goop in it’s eyes, I clean them out, but those ignorant twats, in Africa, can’t do it to their own babies. Mexicans are wannabe niggers.

      • Africans and others always complain that they’re poor and starving, all the while not giving a shit about their environment, trying to make a better life (agriculture, medicine) or just not having kids that they can’t support. They’re just lazy shits worse than animals and we’re supposed to care for them. The world should tell them to fuck off and take care of themselves.

      • Dot-headed Indians are among the worst offenders. I remember reading a story about how, in the early 1960s, the Indian government tried to lower the birthrate by giving free vasectomies to the Hindu hordes. In order to sweeten the deal, anyone who got a vasectomy would get a free transistor radio, which was very highly prized by the unwashed masses. After a few months, it was found that very few guys had submitted to the procedure, and a large survey was undertaken to determine why more men were not getting the operation. It was found that the most common reason, for not getting the operation, was they were holding out for a free TELEVISION.

    • During the late 50s through 70s my mom worked part time as an LPN in one of my towns hospitals. Here in Jew England we have been swamped by latrinos (particularly Puta Ricans), Haitians and afticans, probably because this regions has some of the most generous GIBS (for non whites) in the country.

      Anyway mom use to come home with stories from the ER about latrine mothers and their screaming litters and the black mammys ranting and trashing the ER and assaulting the staff. The staff always wore gowns, masks and gloves when even touching any of them because most were crawling with lice and cock roaches, along with communicable diseases. SO this is not new since the entitled melanin enhanced swarms have not changed since they were first brought in…..only it’s 1000 times worse and in our faces today

      • God bless your mom. I feel sorry for any hospital that has to put up with this filth. I was waiting in the emergency room years ago and a coon was brought in on a stretcher moaning and ranting. He was homeless and apparently sh*t his pants because all of us, including the cripples, bleeders and dying ran out into the parking lot for fresh air. Of course, he got treated first.

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