Outrageous: Pedals the beloved walking black bear ‘has been shot dead by hunters’

pedals the bear

The photo above shows Pedals, the bear who walked on two legs like a human.

Tragically, he’s been shot dead and I’m angry enough to do something really bad to his killer or killers.


Pedals, an adorable black bear famous for walking like a human, has reportedly been shot dead.

The bear first became a social media sensation in 2014, when he was filmed taking a stroll on his hind legs in Oak Ridge, New Jersey – apparently because of deformities on his paws.

Since then the locals have grown to love him, describing him as a friendly chap who liked to check out the neighbourhood’s rubbish bins for snacks.

But he has this week reportedly been killed by a bow hunter, according to locals Sabrina Pugley and Lisa Rose Rublack.

The two women apparently emailed ABC News saying, ‘PEDALS IS DEAD’.

Pugsley told the station that a group of hunters saw Pedals’ body at a bear weigh station in the Green Pond neighbourhood on Monday evening.

The bear, they said, had similar deformities on its paws to Pedals.

She added that the hunters wanted to remain anonymous, ‘possibly due to fear of backlash from NJ DEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection)’.

When asked to comment on Pedals’ alleged death, the NJ DEP released a statement saying: ‘While the Division appreviates the concern for the bear, it has no way of verifying the identity of any bear that has not been previously tagged or had a DNA sample previously taken.’

Black bear hunting is legal in New Jersey. In the first four days of the state’s bear hunting season 432 bears were killed, state officials said.

Here’s vintage footage showing how the story of Pedals originally broke in the media:

There is no rational reason to have a bear hunting season anywhere in the world. Black bears are mostly harmless. I wish that sometime in my life I could have a friendly fellow like Pedals visiting my trash can without having to worry for his safety.

10 thoughts on “Outrageous: Pedals the beloved walking black bear ‘has been shot dead by hunters’

  1. Saboteur, I respect you and what you are doing, and this is to let you know my own view on an aspect you may have lost sight of rather than being taken as a message of disrespect. It’s aimed at all of us who jump at these types of stories (myself included at times). It’s your good work which helps to awaken many Whites to the plight which we all face. You do a great job at that, but in this instance I need to tell you my opinion on this, and that is that you are on a tangent like a cucked pussy. You’re going on as if these hunters knew what that bear was, which I don’t believe the info is available.

    You’re sympathies would be better served by going on about the blacks who kill, main and torture Whites and who are given carte blanche to do so by the Judaized state – rather than doing as the jewsmedia does by promoting false sympathies designed to bring out the “girl in the goy”, while ignoring and minimizing what it is that is killing us, the White Americans.

    We all have our personal feelings and sympathies, but we shouldn’t give them vent when it is counter to that which our people should be learning – and that is to be concerned about our own people first and foremost, and not to jump at those emotive symbols which promote a transfer of our concerns and emotions about our own people onto safer PC symbolisms like fuzzy bears or dolphins (even though we all do, and should have those concerns about the importance of conservation and protection of harmless critters privately). That’s the only way we will come through this war being waged against us by a ruthless enemy intact.


    • I appreciate your criticism on this issue, but I’m going to respectfully disagree with your well thought out response.

      First, the posts here are heavily focused on the black problem and the Jewish problem, which includes a wide range of issues such as open borders, the Mexican problem, the Deep State, the rigged system, biased media, corrupt culture, etc. Out of a dozen posts a day, maybe one is devoted to an animal issue.

      Second, as the white race evolved in northern Europe over thousands of years, white proximity to animals created a love and respect for them that is lacking in all other races. It is a natural part of my white genetic makeup to feel empathy for animals. It is natural to hunt beasts for food or to kill in self defense, but hunting for sport is not a natural part of our genetic makeup, in my opinion.

      Third, these kinds of posts draw in outsiders who are exposed to the messages about the black and Jewish problems. Just a few days ago an antiracist egalitarian was disarmed by the fact that I fight for the lives of animals as fiercely as I fight for the right of our people to exist and have a homeland. She said something to the effect that she knew I had to be a good person because of a story I had posted about wildlife extinction. This may get her rethinking her egalitarian stance.

      Fourth, Pedals was harmless and loved. White people in New Jersey and worldwide have now been deprived of the opportunity to feel that love. White children have been traumatized by the loss of their pal. Blacks don’t care. Most nonwhites don’t care. Only whites care. This is a legitimate expression of emotion that we feel. It’s not a sign of weakness in my view. Let us whites who love animals mourn together for a few brief moments.

      Fifth, by drawing attention to this particular story, there may be some solution to the problem that hasn’t occurred to me. Maybe spray painting Pedals with orange paint of putting a radio collar on him would offer a way to protect such creatures.

      Let’s agree to disagree on this issue. Keep posting comments. I saw that another commenter noted your contributions to this site yesterday. Thanks.

      • Thanks for your understanding, Saboteur and your own insightful response. I would like to have had a way to communicate with your privately prior to my own comment, but failing that capability I thought you would understand. You have shown that you do.

        I felt this is an issue which should be drawn into the open, so that people can examine their own attitudes and not become mere pawns of the media, and acting subconsciously on media whims. I never thought that was your own intent, of course, but I wanted for the issue to be examined in a way where people realize that the media does do that purposefully and to think before they blindly respond (although most people would insist that they do that, many don’t).

        As for the issue of the bear or other hunting itself, I haven’t hunted for years, and when I did it was fun but was more for the food, and it was actual hunting instead of waiting for something to walk by. I do know, however, that some game populations are hurt when there is no hunting because that allows diseases to develop which can devastate entire herds causing massively more problems for their population than all the combined legal methods of hunting would.

        Of course, I’ll be back. You have one of the finer sites and good, entertaining ways for getting needed messages across. Keep up your excellent and greatly needed work. If we ever run across issues we can’t resolve, we’ll just have our seconds pick a time, a weapon and a place! I resolve not to pick a bow.

      • You are both right on this one. While we must never lose sight of our enemy, we must also continue to live and enjoy our lives and be who we are, something the enemy can never take away from us. I have posted a couple of articles in a vague attempt a humor just to get away from our jew drenched work. We have to raise our heads out of the muck just to see life as it really is.

        Paladin, keep posting your heartfelt pieces on animals and their sometimes sad and funny ways.

        Flanders, please keep pointing out the dark, venomous corners we so often miss.

        We need you both.

  2. @Flanders, let’s respectfully agree to disagree on the post by PJ on Pedals. I take umbrage at your thoughts and allow me to tell you why. Although currently planted in New England, my roots are in the area of NJ where Pedals lived. Our world consists of many vile 2 legged creatures but Pedals was not one of them;, He was bipedal due to an injury that he managed to rise above. Pedals (true gender unknown) was an icon photographed and written about by media outlets across the globe. For a piece of human hubris to murder a disabled animal not out of kindness because the animal was suffering but for bragging rights makes this hunter no better than the unsavory elements that threaten to destroy our way of life. Our planet has coexisted with wildlife for thousands of years. The killing of an innocent disabled bear that has never harmed a human is senseless and tragic. His identity will be revealed because men with tiny penises and huge egos always out themselves sooner or later. Or someone from the weigh station where he bagged & tagged will spill ~ never fails. It’s located in Rockaway ~ a community I know extremely well.

    There is nothing to separate the mindset of Petal’s killer from the minds of sexual predators who rape, videotape and murder innocent children just so they can “brag”. Or the Muslims/Islamists/Whatever They’re Calling Themselves who use suicide bombs to kill scores of innocent lives believing their own deaths will entitle them to meet their 27 virgins. The cell type control of al-Qaeda in contrast allowed them to control operations from afar where they felt (and still are) protected.
    The BLM is really a leaderless movement that promotes an ideology of violence and “Whitey owes me”and “Cops target me”. Sadly, institutions like Georgetown only perpetuate BLM’s misguided believes by its announcement last month that descendents of slaves would receive “preferential treatment during the admission process”. I don’t know which is more dangerous, BLM which operates as a lone wolf fringe element in EveryTown USA or their predecessors, the BLA which by contrast was extremely organized. Many today still pay homage to JoAnn Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur thought by some to be the de facto leader living happily in Cuba where she has been protected and oft revered for her past. FWIW, BLM idolizes her and often chant part of a letter she wrote called “To My People” while incarcerated after being found guilty for the murder of a NJ State Trooper in 1973 (she was in several prisons ).
    She escaped from NJ Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in 1979. Activists and followers of ALL skin colors hid this bank robber, attempted murderer, kidnapper, and finally cop killer for several years until Cuba granted her asylum in in the mid 80’s where she has lived freely for over three decades. Since living there, she has changed her name to Assata Shakur, earned a graduate degree, written 5 books and become a celebrity ~ imagine that. Even did a biographical movie about her and she was one of the stars. Some of her most blatant lies can be read here; see the fuel that helps fire the BLM decades later.


    Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police had strong feeling about Chesimard and Cuba prior to Obama’s attempts began.
    A convicted murderer is being harbored by a country our President is normalizing diplomatic relations with for the first time in over 50 years. Let’s ignore her crimes in the US and reward her for escaping to a foreign country by selling her books on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com. Let’s not forget that the US granted asylum to thousands of balseros until the mid 90’s when Clinton instituted some “policy change”. I will forever applaud NJ Gov. Chris Christie for his loud demands (ignored of course) that our administration force Chesimard’s return.

    We share our world with despicable humans yet we cannot allow our disgust for them and their abhorrent actions to harden our hearts to the amazing beauty that Earth still offers. Morning dew on a leaf, rabbits darting out from a shrub, deer seen running in a field. A lone flower blooming in a dry and trashed strewn city lot. If we focus all our energy on the horror, we lose some of our own humanity and I for one refuse to allow the despots of this world to take that from me. And that my friend is why we mourn the loss of an innocent animal, a disabled bear named Pedals who brought smiles to the faces of people all over the world as they watched his videos.

    I am a pacifist in that I do not shoot an animal except if it were to defend myself or my family. Having said that, I wouldn’t even blink as I put a Ruger LCRx against Chesimard’s forehead and pulled the trigger.

    **Sorry for the multi-urls PJ. Tried to hyperlink but couldn’t.

      • Thanks D. I understand that you and others are upset, and if it is an intentionally committed act, it is despicable. I just do not have the facts to make that judgment and I refuse to engage in moral outrage until I’m aware about the facts. Also, I’m not opposed to hunting as such and I think it is a legitimate and honorable sport when engaged in properly. I do agree that outrage is legitimate, too, but only when the facts have become known and intentional wrongdoing has been shown. I regret the loss for those people who adored the bear, and I recognize that it’s important that we have a sense of beauty and caring. Those are not exclusive to those who do not hunt, so don’t try to lay a guilt trip on those who do enjoy it.

        I am accustomed to (((MSM))) running such stories as a diversion to people who should be paying attention to what is going on to take our liberties and lives from us, and who it is who it is doing it. Those, to me, are the important issues which should be uppermost within people’s minds, and if we are diverting them to other things which are trivial in comparison then we are doing no better than the jewsmedia, and we need to change our focus and our ways. It is past the time when people should already have become awakened and aware about what jewry is doing and plans to be doing to our own White societies (and jews are white-skinned, but definitely are NOT White).

        Most people seem to buy into the media stories, so I intentionally try to stay away from engaging in their games of moral “one-upmanship” on the things that I consider less important. I don’t even know where any of the Kardashians’ took their last vacations, or what a Panda eats for breakfast. Most of the general population, it seems, can tell you that, but not who it is who takes their money and places them further into debt, and who a proper study of their history, would reveal that they intend to be a deadly threat.

  3. Well well well. Had to come back and post in lieu of Castro’s death. Gov Christie has been demanding the return of cop killer Chesimard but Obama ignored him. What does the life of white, murdered NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster matter to him? It was in 1973 after all. It matters to me! It matters to the people of NJ. It matters to Chris Christie! Now will that black heathen be turned over so instead of starring in movies and selling books on Amazon etc she can rot in a NJ prison. BTW, a white American wrote and produced her movie: http://variety.com/2011/film/news/director-fred-baker-dies-at-78-1118038431/

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