NFL Ratings are Down Leaving “Experts” Scrambling to Figure Out Why

When the dishonest Washington Post assigned a reporter to do a story on the plunging National Football League ratings, (((he))) twisted himself into a pretzel to come up with explanations, while leaving out the two real reasons.

Excerpt from Valley News sourced from Washington Post

The financial cornerstone of the NFL as it has grown into the nation’s most prosperous and popular sports league has been its network television deals. Pro football has been TV ratings gold, and the league’s handsome reward for that has been contracts with the networks now collectively worth an estimated $7 billion annually.

So when ratings for NFL games slip, even while remaining at comparatively lofty levels, it is noteworthy. Such is the case this season, with the sport’s overall TV ratings down about 11 percent from last season.

“We don’t really know,” said Neal Pilson, a former CBS executive and the founder of Pilson Communications, a consulting firm focused on sports TV. “I can’t give you a specific reason why the NFL’s ratings are down. … It’s very hard to find one reason. It’s not one thing. You have to look at five, six, seven things to figure it out. It’s a confluence of multiple negative factors.”

The factors include:

So many choices: NFL broadcasts, like all other network programming, have faced increasing competition for viewers from the hundreds of channels offered by cable and satellite providers.

Now, more than ever, TV viewership in general faces ever-increasing competition from viewers who choose to watch video on other digital platforms, such as phones, and are not counted in the ratings.

The NFL has acknowledged this trend, striking a deal with Twitter for online streaming of Thursday night games this season that also are televised by CBS and the league-owned NFL Network. But it remains a factor in TV ratings.

“It’s the digital age and you’re seeing the audience become so fragmented,” an executive with one NFL team said. “I think that’s what you’re seeing with the ratings. People consume the product so much differently now.”

The election: Voters might not be particularly enamored with the choice they have to make between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the presidential election. But they are paying attention to such a close and fiercely contested campaign, and eyeballs on news programming cannot simultaneously be on a game.

“All programming is subject to this 300-, 400-channel universe,” Pilson said. “If you’re watching one thing, you’re not watching something else. I’ve been watching the Weather Channel all day. That means I’m not watching SportsCenter.”

A big choice of channels isn’t new. What is new is that the spoiled brat traitorous Negro players have shown themselves to be rats. They can’t be bothered to stand during the National Anthem so millions of Americans (mostly white men, I’ll bet) have voted with their remote control to say bye-bye, you entitled self-absorbed, dumb bastards.

More generally, Negro fatigue is surely setting in. The NFL politicized itself, siding with Black Lives Matter. Thus, the decline in ratings. More generally, I hope that all whites are tired of seeing so many black faces on TV. I also hope they’re tired of listening to the utterances of these moron-level minds.

Professional football demands that the white man worship the Negro. And enrich him by buying NFL products, awarding him lucrative endorsement deals, and buying tickets to games. This wealth transfer is not healthy, even though most black players are broke within a few years of leaving the game that pays them millions.


And let’s not leave out the significant number of Jews that have put their fingers into the NFL pie, despoiling it.

15 thoughts on “NFL Ratings are Down Leaving “Experts” Scrambling to Figure Out Why

  1. And Game play just plain sucks these days

    Expansion teams opened up a lot of slots in the NFL, slots that were filled by men who otherwise wouldn’t have made the cut, thereby lowering quality

    Assurance more moon crickets entered the NFL, the deliberate, purposeful tactics and strategies disappeared. Use to be teams had different game plans for different teams, mix up running with passing, short plays with long etc. Now it seems every time but one has the same game play; let X number of negros run down field, throw the ball and see who’s magic negro comes up with it.

    There are no great dynasties left. Most teams are only decent for a year or two, then they fall apart. Only expectation to that is the Patriots. Amazing coach, amazing program, gets kind of boring watch them basically go unchallenged.

    Then comes negro fatigue and the rest of that stuff. Which is another long list all to itself

    • Belichik is in a class all by himself. I’ve read that the Patriots are the whitest team in the league, but have never tried to confirm that. Kraft, the owner, is a Jew. Maybe he’s happy that the team is whiter than most???

      • I think it’s the Whitest team in the NFL because of Belichik

        I don’t think a team heavy on negros could pull of his style disciplined, everyman on his mark, no bullshit, no super star style of winning games.

        Clearly he is the best coach of my life time

      • It was said that the NWO wants American football to disappear, to be replaced by soccer, the international game, the UN game. Maybe this is the Cloward- Pliven football strategy?

  2. As with the Jew planned half time black power show, surely this is a deliberate attempt to destroy the NFL?
    Making a sport popular with whites in to yet another MTV pushing Coons as superior to whites, even dumb arse whites must be smelling the coffee by now.
    Switch off the TV white man, ditch the glass toilet and never watch Jew spew.
    Any time I see a black face, I stop watching a movie for example unless the black is polishing shoes. Even on this site I rarely watch nig nogs unless it is guaranteed to be a hilarious chimpout.
    I generally never listen to Coons or poofters or lezzos or Jews.

    • I sometimes read the comments on the New Orleans Saints at Reading the comments leaves me disgusted. They’re basically white men obsessed with the team. They worship the black players along with the whites. Except when the team is down, as it is now. As Ms. Cajun Creole sometimes reminds us, south Louisiana is fuxated by the presence of blacks. New Orleans is crime infested. Walking the downtown area, you’d think you were in Africa.

  3. Why are NFL TV ratings down? Really? Really? Why, even a blind man could see it in an instant.

    [Hint: First word begins with “Colin.” Last word ends with “Kaepernick.”]

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