Latest Trump Accuser Exposed and Debunked: That Didn’t Take Long, Did It?

allred summer servos

I’m getting lazy. Posting video is easier than posting text. So, here’s Mark Dice with two truth videos published in the wee hours of the morning today, Saturday. You can bet the MSM will ignore this or brush it off.

The first video notes that when Prince died 700 crazies came forward looking for fame and money. Mark has also turned up an email sent by Zervos to Trump a few months ago praising him.

Zervos has been accused by her FAMILY of lying about being sexually assaulted by Trump.

Hillary takes a risk with every one of these false accusations. As they are debunked and discredited, there is a risk that women will turn against Hillary for encouraging women to lie. The moment one of them cracks and says, “Yes, I lied for the greater good because only Hillary is a good person, while Donald is mean, and I lied to help Hillary,” is the moment that women may step back and question the insanity.

I am not saying that Hillary personally has any role in this smear campaign. She leaves the dirty work to others. But to believe that it’s not her supporters behind the biggest political smear job in American history stretches plausibility. The timing of the release of the “grab p*ssy” video followed by these allegations just before the election stinks.

This junk has Hillary’s fingerprints on it. She and Bill have a history of lies and smears.

9 thoughts on “Latest Trump Accuser Exposed and Debunked: That Didn’t Take Long, Did It?

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  2. Unfortunately the vast majority of the Amerikstan zombie sheeple believe the MSM party line, regardless of how many claims are debunked.

    Throughout all this Barry Soetoro’s approval rating keeps rising; one poll puts it a 68% Here in the Soviet Republik of Jew England the media all bark in lockstep, Hildabeast has already won and is the next former white house resident

    • I understand that millions of illegals have been registered to vote for Hillary. They’ve been ordered to vote or be kicked out of the US. If Trump loses, he will challenge the election in the courts.

      • I have heard similar through some reliable sources I have, that Barry Soetoro in conjunction with Hildabeast has in face slipped in somewhere between 5-8 million African, muzzie and latrine illegals and its been made clear to them that they get EVERYTHING FREE FOR LIFE…..under the condition they are registered DEMONCRAP and vote for hildabeast or else be sent back to whatever 3rd world cesspool they crawled out of. One of my sources is in law enforcement.

        They also told me that they are preparing for all out race and civil war nationwide regardless of who wins.

      • Prison at least! it would be heart warming to see all of them rounded up and face a military firing squad, or maybe the rope or guillotine

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