‘It will be a bloodbath’: 3 ‘militia’ men charged with WMD conspiracy, threatening Somali refugees

militia kansas

Always assume that the person you’re talking to who goes along with or encourages violent actions is a paid FBI informant.

The FBI does a terrible job at putting Hillary in prison and stopping Muslim terror attacks, but let some good ol’ white boys start talking about evening the score with black Muslim immigrants, and you can be sure that the FBI will stop that attack.

I will not say anything about any particular militia activity since the FBI probably has nothing better to do than read politically incorrect websites. I will say that the concept of the armed private militia group is a good one. These groups are like an adult version of the Boy Scouts before the Scouts allowed homosexuals and trannies in.


Three members of the Kansas Security Force and the Crusaders stand accused of planning to bomb some 120 Somali Muslim refugees living in an apartment complex adjacent to a mosque, according to the Department of Justice.

The acting US attorney for the District of Kansas, Tom Beall, announced on Friday that Curtis Allen, 49, Patrick Stein, 47, and Gavin Wright, 49, would be charged for planning an attack scheduled for November 9, just one day after the presidential election. A bombing was to take place at a Muslim community center in Garden City, Kansas.

Beall said the men stashed away a large amount of firearms and ammunition, according to KWCH.

Their plan included parking vehicles at each of the four corners of the apartment complex.

Stein was quoted from a recorded June 2016 phone call as saying, “The only f***ing way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherf***er. Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the f***ing coffee and decide they want this country back … we might be too late, if they do wake up … I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it,” according to the criminal complaint affidavit provided by KAKE.

Since February, the FBI has conducted a domestic terrorism probe into the overlapping “militia groups” Kansas Security Force and the Crusaders, “whose members support and espouse sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant extremist beliefs,” according to the affidavit.

The eight-month long investigation ended with arrests Friday. All three men are currently being held at Sedgwick County jail on one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. A conviction could mean a life sentence behind bars. They make their first court appearance Monday.

The FBI had a paid informant, referred to as the Confidential Human Source (CHS) in the affidavit. That person “attended numerous KSF and Crusaders meetings where plans were discussed to carry out a violent attack against Muslims (whom the group members refer to as ‘cockroaches’) in southwestern Kansas,” the court document read.

Stein met with the FBI’s informant Wednesday in rural Finney County, where FBI-provided automatic weapons from the agency’s lab in Quantico, Virginia, according to KAKE. Stein also reportedly told the source that Allen had been arrested the day prior for a domestic violence incident and that Stein feared Allen’s girlfriend would drop a dime on them to local police.

Nobody likes a paid snitch. Whoever he is, he’d better keep his identity a secret or else face some unpleasant consequences.

18 thoughts on “‘It will be a bloodbath’: 3 ‘militia’ men charged with WMD conspiracy, threatening Somali refugees

  1. This “weapons of mass destruction” charge is utter bullshit. The U-Haul truck, in Oklahoma City, was not a WMD. I’ve read of several cases where someone was charged with possessing a WMD, and it was just a fucking pipe bomb. A WMD is a nuclear weapon or a chemical/biological weapon which could kill thousands of people. This is just more propaganda and “War is Peace” bullshit.

  2. “planning to bomb some 120 Somali Muslim refugees……
    Beall said the men stashed away a large amount of firearms and ammunition, according to KWCH.”
    There is no other mention of a bomb. No bomb found. How can firearms and ammunition blow up by themselves?

    “where FBI-provided automatic weapons from the agency’s lab in Quantico, Virginia,”
    Has the FBI ever admitted that FBI provided automatic weapons have been used in a mass murder shooting? Say at a school for example, or a movie theater or a marathon race? Or do the FBI keep quiet if their weapons are actually used to kill innocent people?
    Can the FBI arrest and charge people who have never ever fired these FBI weapons in a test firing? Most people would do that before any planned attack.

    So these men would be innocent of any crime if the FBI had not given them weapons and ammunition. Cause and intent – the real criminal may be FBI employees indulging in entrapment of innocent civilians. While entrapping innocent whites who are angry, they let Muzzies and young men with bowl haircuts on Prozac actually kill people.

    Do the FBI give angry Muslims weapons and ammunition? Many questions need to be asked.

    Beware of any friendly racist loud talking guy that wants to give you free automatic weapons and ammunition. In similar cases, these new found friends plant stuff in cars which can lead to long convictions for innocent people. Then they tip the police off about the weapons/bomb stashed.

  3. “Entrapment,” as a defense, was long ago rendered unusable, except that John DeLorean’s attorneys did the impossible, and got him acquitted. Not only the FBI, but the ATF and the DEA also promote these “conspiracies” to inflate their arrest quotas.

  4. I suspect the FBI plant put these three guys up to it, even telling them what to do!
    FBI’s reputation is ruined. No longer has my respect!

  5. Sometime back the feds thought they had some militia in MI wrapped up. The hutrees or some such. Turned out they were “what if’-ing” various scenarios and not plotting anything. Charges dropped

    Dollar to donuts same will happen here

      • My advice, to the defense attorney(s) in this case, is to study the entire transcript of the John DeLorean trial, then pattern your defense exactly like those guys did. They convinced the jury that the drugs that were supplied by the DEA, constituted entrapment.

      • Seems like a legit worry, especially if the firearms were known to be illegal but a weapons charge is a far cry from plotting terror

        There are a lot of dumbasses who would want select fire weapons through back channels who aren’t up to anything nefarious

      • But a conviction for having an unregistered Class lll weapon is ten years in a federal slammer, and not in one of the Club Fed facilities, with salad bars and tennis courts, but in a shit-hole filled with murderers, rapists, and ass-bandits.

      • On what basis is it legal to supply (give away) illegal weapons, and specifically working ammunition, to potential terrorists? Why not let them try to buy the weapons the hard way, use wiretaps etc, and also arrest whoever the dealer is that agrees to sell to them?

        Cops are not generally allowed to deal drugs, or illegal weapons and ammo, then arrest those that buy.

        Real criminals get away with their crimes while some innocent people get arrested and jailed just for being angry and easily fooled by criminals working for the Government.

      • It is absolutely illegal for cops to sell drugs to people then arrest them for possessing those drugs, but they were given a special dispensation, by I’m not sure whom, so that they can do it. Executive Order, Act of Congress, Department of Justice memorandum, I don’t know what, but it’s as illegal as Obama in the White House.

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