Ape High on PCP Smacks Down 10 Cops Even After Being Tased


The female police officer you can watch Parta Huff assaulting in the embedded video below is still in a hospital in Chicago, a full week after she took a beating for the team.

She didn’t want to shoot the ape because of the fallout from Black Lives Matter and others. We’ve seen several cops charged with murder recently for what look like clean, justified shootings. Thus, her fears were well founded.

The police really should go on strike in black neighborhoods. Let the blacks police themselves since they don’t like the men and women in police uniforms, including Negro officers.

NBC Chicago

Graphic dashcam and bodycam video has been released showing a suburban man — allegedly high on PCP — punching and body-slamming Chicago police officers as they tried to handcuff him earlier this month.

More than three hours of footage of the brutal incident were released Friday by the Chicago Police Department after authorities said a female officer who was beaten unconscious didn’t shoot her attacker because she feared she might face backlash.

The footage begins as two officers attempt to take Parta Huff, of Maywood, into custody after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a liquor store.

The officers in the 15th District were on patrol when they came across a traffic accident near the intersection of South Cicero Avenue and West Roosevelt Road, authorities said.

A female officer is seen in the footage cuffing Huff’s left wrist, but is heard shouting at him to stop fighting before she can get his right wrist cuffed.

The officer is shouting at her partner to “Taser” the man as both officers continue ordering him to “stop fighting” and “get down on the ground.”

At one point, Huff managed to get out of their grip and the three then disappear from the camera’s view. When they return, Huff is seen falling on top of the female officer, where he continues to fight as other officers surround him.

Prosecutors reportedly claim during that Huff continued punching theofficer.

In separate bodycam video released by police, Huff is seen being shot with a stun gun numerous times before he is cuffed and on the ground, his mouth bleeding.

Huff allegedly beat the female officer so hard she lost consciousness. Two other officers were injured while putting him in custody, officials said.

The female officer remained in the hospital as of Friday.

Huff, 28, was charged after the incident with attempted murder of a police officer and aggravated battery to a police officer and was ordered held without bond later that week.

Huff, a father of one, told a judge in court he had drugs in his system because he was in the hospital that morning, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Huff, who completed cosmetology school and currently works as a janitor and at a chocolate factory, also has another child on the way, the newspaper reported.

The top Chicago police officer has used the beating as an example of how fallout from police-involved shooting controversies can put officers in danger.

“She knew that she should shoot this guy,” Supt. Eddie Johnson said last week. “But she chose not to because she didn’t want her family — or the department — to have to go through the scrutiny the next day.”

6 thoughts on “Ape High on PCP Smacks Down 10 Cops Even After Being Tased

  1. Pretty strong guy. He could have been a well paid wrestler or a iron-man if he was not a lazy nigger high on crack The cops made a mess of it. Women police should not be trying to trip men twice their size and strength.
    The Coon was not really fighting but just hanging on. He was tripped and that is why he fell. He did not intentionally fall on top of the woman who should never have been in harms way. Looks to me she hurt her head in the fall, which the Coon did not initiate. The woman should have been at home cooking a meal for her husband while he was at work.
    The cops should have immediately laid, six of them, on top of him as warders do in prisons with the most violent prisoners, as long as the female was not underneath. Yes maybe he would have died like the asthmatic 300 pound criminal black ape in New York, but that would be good.

    • I agree we don’t need women cops, firefighters, pilots, etc, any job that men are naturally better at. And since she’s White, she SHOULD be home raising a family instead of fighting street niggers.

  2. Need to bring back permission to use ‘choke holds’. His neck was vulnerable and the situation would have resolved in about 10 seconds. It is very embarrassing to see female cops. Amazing how stupid humans really are. Sometimes I wake up and wonder if my whole life is an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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