Watch as BLM Supporting NFL Star Struggles to Recall the Names of His Children


Antonio Cromartie took a knee during the National Anthem and was soon released by the Indianapolis Colts.

In 2010 when this video was made he had 7 children, with four of them being three years old. Today he has 12 children by 8 different women.

NFL ratings are down.

You’re doing good, white man. Do you really want to be worshiping trash like this black “father” who struggles to name his children?

One more thing. Cromartie was in the news earlier this year for trying to evict his mother from the house he bought for her.

One thought on “Watch as BLM Supporting NFL Star Struggles to Recall the Names of His Children

  1. Ironically kneeling shows more respect than placing ones right hand over the heart. Kneeling is what people do for God to show respect.
    Middle Eastern Oriental types go even further and prostrate themselves before their God or prophet or king or emperor. They are forbidden forever from turning their back on their supreme despot. Penalty for this is death, naturally.

    Maybe, if Hillbilly wins the POTUS job, whites should turn their back and/or sit down whenever the national anthem is played or POTUS enters a room. The Coons have paved the way for this as a legal activity.

    This collapse of patriotism and national unity could lead to a sudden collapse of the US Military, within just a few short years. At this point the US military would continue only as a group of highly paid mercenaries with no special national allegiance. This may already be the case, in Iraq many contractors i.e. mercenaries made three to five times the salary of enlisted soldiers for the same work. Why would any white man with half a brain sign up to fight for the Jew World Order?

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