Rush Limbaugh’s Common Sense on Sexual Assault Accusations Leveled Against Trump


Never has anyone spoken a more common sense observation.

Trump rose to the top of the world by being a showman as well as a builder. Some of his showmanship has come back to haunt him in this race that will decide America’s future.

Question: How does a man whose life was lived in the press for the last 35 years suddenly become a rapist and a racist.

Answer: By running against Hillary Clinton.

His brand is severely damaged. He’s spent a hundred million dollars of his own money on his campaign. He could have enjoyed his wife, children, TV show, golf, and money. Instead, he ran against Hillary.

At least he’s still alive. For now. With the Clinton body count high and rising, who knows what happens next.


5 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh’s Common Sense on Sexual Assault Accusations Leveled Against Trump

  1. I still think he is going to win. I think most everyone is tired of this femocrat war against women bullshit and it has finally lost it’s credibility even with the only partly crazy women voters in the heartland. Even they are sick of it.

    That being said it is the only way he wins now. If the average female voter is still secretly voting with the femocrats and not yet fed up with the state they have pushed the White race down to and end up voting for Clinton we are doomed. It’s very sad that the entire fate of our way of life is left up to the whims of crazy women voters but that is where we stand. If they go the way they have for the last several decades the only move we White men have left is open resistance and refusal to follow their rules and put society back into the shape the way it is suppose to be. The experiment with universal suffrage and mob rule democracy will be over.

    • There is another woman in the race. I would think that given all of Hillary’s excess baggage that Jill Stein would have more support from women. I assume that the decades of pro-Hillary worship by the press has taken its toll. So how do we redpill women in the next three weeks? I don’t have an answer to that. The attacks on Trump are intensifying, for sure.

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