Nobel Prize for (((Bob Dylan))) Just as Credible as Nobel for Obama

Obama won his Nobel Peace Prize because he’s black. Dylan, aka Robert Zimmerman, won because he’s a Jew.

Ridiculously, Obama’s was the Nobel Peace Prize. What a peacemaker is he.

Strangely, Bob Dylan’s prize is not for music because there isn’t one for tunesmithing. His is the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Nobel Prizes are totally Jewed, as Jews have won far more of them relative to their numbers than any other ethnic group. Jews stand up for and promote other Jews.

If you want to argue against the Jew theory, then consider that Dylan’s tunes are very politically correct, following the cultural Marxist line.

A cultural Marxist Jew winning a prestigious award? Nah, could never happen.

Fox News

Bob Dylan has another award to add to his long list of achievments.

The singer was named the winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature Thursday in a stunning announcement that for the first time bestowed the prestigious award to someone primarily seen as a musician.

The Swedish Academy cited the American musician for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

Dylan had been mentioned in the Nobel speculation for years, but few experts expected the academy to extend the prestigious award to a genre such as pop music.

The literature award was the last of this year’s Nobel Prizes to be announced. The six awards will be handed out on Dec. 10, the anniversary of prize founder Alfred Nobel’s death in 1896.

Here is a video featuring what the publishers consider Dylan’s top 10 songs.

Dylan is easily the first youth social justice warrior. Many of our problems today arise because the baby boomer generation followed this Pied Piper right into the hell of globalism and egalitarianism.

At least since untalented Maya Angelou won her Nobel, these prizes have been awarded to demoralize the white population and Western culture. Pay no attention to them. They’re bullsh*t.

Dylan’s mockery of anti-Communists opened the doors wide to the anti-patriotism that thrived in the 60s. He mentions Commander George Lincoln Rockwell in this song.

Several of the Nobel prizes ought to be called the Nobel Prize in Wrecking Western Civilization because that’s what they are.

12 thoughts on “Nobel Prize for (((Bob Dylan))) Just as Credible as Nobel for Obama

  1. When Obama hung a peace prize around Zimmerman’s neck, I posted on G+ how proud American Mothers should be to see this after their children returned from Shytland in a flag drapped box. Zimmer man ( Room man) certainly contributed soooo much to peace, farting through his nose. Try and chase THAT wind, puke!

  2. Crikey, Nobel must have also been a Jew. He made his big money from war and bombs.
    The Nobel prizes are a sure fire way to identify scum, mass murderers and criminal scoundrels, especially the Peace Prize.
    That piece of shit (((Freud))) also won for literature. Not for medicine as he was a quack who made stuff up and called it science. He imagined things and said they were facts. Even now much of his ravings and imaginings are accepted as Science with no evidence whatsoever.

    Bob Dylan another Jew POS. I wonder why (((Allen Ginsberg))) did not win for “Howl”, which is all about defecation and other such human activity. From Howl “who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists, and screamed with joy” I have not read any filth by Ginsburg and the only Dylan stuff I know is the narcissistic nonsense form his songs.

    ((Adam Sandler)) kike swine has won many, many, awards, mostly for the worst of, in the Golden Raspberry Awards.

    (((Mel Brooks))) Two Academy Awards. Alfred Hitchcock, Zero Academy Awards.

    Hitler predicted Jew hubris in the future, he said they would drop their cloaks and reveal what they are. This prediction has come true. Jews are the Masters Of The World and there is nobody to stop them. Most people do not even care that the Jews run things and dominate and even did the crime of 911. If we have say 20% of the population on board the Jews would be finished. This will probably never happen even if Trump wins. The alleged crime of antisemitism and actual ‘hate” laws written by kikes, has the sheeple terrified and cowed.

  3. Maybe Nobel has a “gong” for (((Leonard Cohen))) also for such literature in songs as “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard On”.

    Maybe one for (((Kiss))) for services to inanity.

    Here is a Leonard Cohen song full of Noble(sic) literature, I confess to liking this song which seems to be about a dangerous and slutty woman……Funny how kikes use the word “saint” a lot and they refer to Christ as well, such as “On his lonely wooden tower”.

    “One of Us Cannot Be Wrong” as written by and Leonard Cohen….

    I lit a thin green candle to make you jealous of me,
    But the room just filled up with mosquitoes, they heard that my body was free
    Then I took the dust of a long sleepless night and I put it in your little shoe
    And then I confess that I tortured the dress that you wore for the world to look through

    I showed my heart to the doctor. He said I’d just have to quit
    Then he wrote himself a prescription, your name was mentioned in it
    Then he locked himself in a library shelf with the details of our honeymoon
    And I hear from the nurse that he’s gotten much worse and his practice is all in a ruin

    I heard of a saint who had loved you, I studied all night in his school
    He taught that the duty of lovers is to tarnish the golden rule
    And just when I was sure that his teachings were pure he drowned himself in the pool
    His body is gone but back here on the lawn his spirit continues to drool

    An Eskimo showed me a movie he’d recently taken of you
    The poor man could hardly stop shivering, his lips and his fingers were blue
    I suppose that he froze when the wind tore off your clothes
    And I guess he just never got warm, but you stand there so nice in your blizzard of ice
    Oh please let me come into the storm

      • hahaha
        You can’t snarly Charley!

        Helter Skealter aside, all the satanist’s who fell (((victim))) of the polanskicide were skypes, excepting Tate. Who was up the duff with the real “Rosemary’s Baby” c/o paedolanski.
        He doesn’t put 2 and joo together, being a West Coast lib, but the (((late)) Dave Mgowan’s “Strange Scenes Inside the Canyon” is worth a perusal, for an idea of the scale of b.s. pimped by Solenoid Robot media.

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  5. Alexander Solzhenitsyn doesn’t get a wink for exposing the Jews and their mass murdering tribesman but this kike wins the Nobel for plucking a guitar. Someone please remind me why Jews are such a hated animal?

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