Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by George Lincoln Rockwell


Instead of my usual link to a Wikipedia page, here’s a video of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell being interviewed on Canadian TV. This is REALLY GOOD material. Watch him trigger the interviewer by using the word “coon.”

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by George Lincoln Rockwell

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  2. This post of mine went missing….here it is again…..

    I watched the whole video. The only error I think is that he called his Party Nazis and racists and even were called the American Nazi Party. Hitler hated the world Nazi so this is a fundamental error.
    Even in 2016 everything Rockwell said is still correct. At least one the questioners was a Jew I felt sure, he looked it, Maybe both of them.
    Did his Nazi Party help the white cause in an way, or only harm it? Same goes for skinheads. they mean well but are used by the media and movie-makers to discredit any one who wants to preserve the white race.
    Nazis and swastikas help the Jews maintain their narrative about the 6 million kikes.

    The USA of 1861should have let the nigger filled South secede for ever, and have no war with them. In addition, to pass a law banning all black people from ever living or working in the Yankee States.

    • i’m going to do more with Rockwell in this feature. He was incredibly intelligent and dedicated. I can’t find the link, but there’s a long piece on him at counter-currents explaining how his mind worked. That piece argues that he sincerely believed that whites would rise up and elect him president in 72. It also explains why he called his group the American Nazi party.

      I have another video of him I’ll be posting that is an hour long, but I haven’t seen it all yet. When I do I’ll post with another quote.

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