Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Praises Donald Trump as the Antiwar Candidate

The media and the Washington establishment want one person in the White House. It’s not Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Jill Stein is no friend of the alt-right, conservatism, or the white race. Still, she says some things that are true. So, let’s give her not three cheers, but one cheer for recognizing that Hillary Clinton is a dangerous war-mongering lunatic and for recognizing that the press and the establishment prefer single party rule for America.

Even if you’re critical of Jews and liberals, you might be impressed with her truth telling about peacemaker Trump vs warmonger Hillary.

7 thoughts on “Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Praises Donald Trump as the Antiwar Candidate

    • I’ll have to disagree with you on that one. He will renegotiate the Iran deal, but he’s basically said that he’s anti war. Even if he strikes at Iran, it’s still less dangerous than attacking Russia.

      • Why can USA never honor deals? It is not nice to abandon peace agreements just because an election is held. The Kerry/Obama deal stops Iran from building nuclear weapons. Renegotiation is just an excuse to attack.
        Iraq was attacked for no reason except to please Israel.
        Israel did 911, not Iraq.
        Israel should have been attacked by the USA in reprisal for 911.
        This was not possible as Israel has a huge nuclear weapons arsenal – paid for with aid from several Western countries, especially Guilty Germany and Not Guilty USA. Poor old Israel needs huge handouts every year. Imagine, giving money to Jews.

  1. As if Iran is going to stop their nuclear weapons program because there is a deal….believing so demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding about islan and moslems who take their faith serious. The hadith commands them to never sign a peace treaty for more then 10 years, to do so only when they are not strong enough to continue jihad, to spend that time retooling for war and to break the peace treaty as soon as possible.

    If Isreal disappears tomorrow, hajjis will still want to loot,destroy cultural icons like the Khandhar Buddhas, kill, rape and enslave non hajjis. Various calls to do so makes up a goodly chunk of the koran and hadith.

    Direct confrontation is rarely the wisest course of action with any nation, generally it’s a bad return on your investment in lives, limbs and cash but islam does need to be held in check. The old school policy of supporting the various secular tyrants there seemed to work pretty well, though I have no clue how to re-establish them. Not part of that sort of thing any more

    I will say a strong willed masculine head of State like Trump and Putin would do a fair amount to put the various hajji nations in check. By force of personality alone. They seem to be very cult like in their responses to the authoritan personality type. My guess is, Trump would take a back seat to Putin and let Russia do most of the heavy lifting, because like Putin, he would value stability over vague moral posturing. Which would be a wise and prudent maneuver.

    My impression with what little I know about Trump is he would generally be a very prudent POTUS. Leastways in foreign-policy type stuff. Lack of interest might drive some of that, clearly economic issues are his main concern but its doubtful you become a billionaire by making high risk low reward decisions or by being overt in your actions. I do think he is an easy target to paint as a war hawk because of his over all aggressive and masculine demeanor. Folks will fall for the media’s bullshit because most folks are surface thinkers, never looking to deeply into anything…. if they think at all.

    At the same time, people respect strength and Trump’s aggressive and overtly masculine frame will be it’s own sort of projection of power, helping to ensure stability. People test the frail and the weak, something about the way humans are built invites them to test a weak man like Obama, Clinton and the Bushes and walk soft around stronger men.

    Any rate, lady from the green party….that’s an odd sources and sort of endorsement but a fairly telling one. She is in effect telling her supports to favor Trump because peace is priority #1

    It’s also funny hearing anyone call Trump right wing. He is socially very liberal, a populist in all other aspects and is using the “right wing”. Which is OK since the right wing is using him as well. Or trying to

    • You’ve laid out a thoughtful analysis of the situation. Peace through strength. Obama projects weakness. So does Hillary.

      Jill Stein may be a crafty Jew, but she may prefer life to being incinerated in a nuclear war. Thus, her kind words about Trump.

      • Thank you for the kind words

        She could favor Trump for any number of reasons, personal security among them. She could favor Trump because she gets damp in the pants over him or some grievances towards hildabeast….

        After a certain point speculation becomes mental masturbation

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