Four Dindus Arrested for Beating Brian Ogle, Alabama Teen Who Said “Blue Lives Matter”

Just as important as justice for Brian Ogle is the deterrent effect of punishments that will be imposed on the guilty parties.

Advocated here is the legalization of judicial corporal punishment, such as floggings with a whip or canings. Blacks seem to have no aversion to jail, but even they respond to the whip.

There should be more arrests because the initial reports claimed that Brian was beaten by a mob of at least 12 and as many as 60 blacks.

ABC News

Four black men are facing assault charges in connection with the beating of a white Alabama high school student who had posted pro-police comments online.

In a statement, Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson says four recent Sylacauga High School students were arrested Tuesday following the Sept. 30 attack against 17-year-old Brian Ogle.

Ogle’s mother, Brandi Allen, says her son responded to students wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts at his school with “Blue lives matter,” a defense of police officers. He was hospitalized with serious head injuries.

Twenty-year-old Quartez Walker and 19-year-old Bobby Brown were arrested at Stillman College. Eighteen-year-old La Noah Ely, Jr. was arrested at Auburn University in Montgomery. Twenty-year-old Daveon Nix was arrested in Sylacauga.

Police have said the attack may have been racially motivated.

If this story were reversed in terms of race, with four white youths arrested for beating a black lives matter supporter, it would be all over the mainstream media as the top story of the day. At least it got back page coverage.

The Daily Mail offers more pictures and an in-depth coverage of the story and the arrests.

5 thoughts on “Four Dindus Arrested for Beating Brian Ogle, Alabama Teen Who Said “Blue Lives Matter”

  1. “Police have said the attack may have been racially motivated.”

    It was motivated by a hatred of Police. This white schoolboy supported the police so the blax tried to kill him. The police can not say this out loud because then the blacks will be freed. A (((judge))) would rule that police prejudice against the Coons means they can not get a fair trial. So the cops have to lie about motive. Any black saying blue lives matter to niggers will also get beat down and bad.

  2. And of course the National Media is totally silent. Anyone who questions the control of the media by Jewish Power is totally and completely retarded. And anyone who questions the Jew’s determination to destroy and or completely incapacitate the White race is also completely retarded. I am so sick and tired of having to convince most White people of something so incredibly obvious.

    • It is obvious. Trump is the only one calling out the media for its dishonesty, although I heard Sean Hannity do that on the radio this afternoon. For political reasons they can’t go after the media on the way it reports race, but if Trump wins I expect that will change.

      • Boy I hope you are right. “Fool me once”……………..I just can’t wait for a year from now. Time will tell all. I sure hope if we get “more of the same”…………then finally, some of our people might just wake up. I’m pessimistic. I see too many jumping on the so called Trump train. I’ll believe it when I see it. But what have we to lose? Nothing.

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