Does the Wikileaks Document Dump Contain Proof That the Clinton Camp Murdered Justice Scalia?

Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice, dies at 79

I’m publishing this post as pure speculation. The mainstream press will not touch it. It’s wild, but this whole world we’re living in now seems surreal as more and more wikileaks hacked documents are released.

Since I put this post in my drafts over 24 hours ago, at least two conservative sites have published articles on this topic. I’ll link to them below. First, the evidence as I originally found it.


Wikileaks: “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.”
[link to (secure)]

“Wet Works” is KGB slang for an assassination.

Note the date – 2/09/2016

Week before, 02/02/2016 “talking the bedwetters off the ledge” from the same sender:

[link to (secure)]

Scalia dies 02/13/2016

That night, a short list of who to replace him:

[link to (secure)]


They wanted Scalia dead, but the “bedwetters” were too scared and needed to be “talked off the ledge” to go ahead and do it. John complains that they thought it’d be easy-peasy like a party at the Vineyard; Steve explains he’s all in and can’t back down now, so he’ll have to double down on the “bedwetters”… and thus puts the plan in play.

If I recall, no autopsy was done and the coroner didn’t even see his body.

Second GLP thread on Scalia

Justice Scalia was murdered by the Clinton campaign!
[link to (secure)]

[link to]

“Wet works is code for murder, especially in Military/Espionage circles.

On the 9th, you have the e-mail.

On the 12th, Scalia dies “naturally.” The ranch owner originally said he found him with a “pillow over his head,” but later retracted his statement.

An autopsy was refused for Scalia.

(More to come, hopefully, as we put the pieces together…)


Copying from sources as this gets discussed…

wet work = murder

pool party = prostitutes

bad nite = can’t let the prostitutes know we murdered him ? ie difficult ?


the security cameras were down on that weekend, no autopsy, instantly cremated by family, pillow story, and much more that /pol/ found out


He was about to overturn Affirmative Action, as I recall.

He was about to overturn Affirmative Action, as I recall. They attacked him relentlessly in the media calling him a racist and such because he said that low IQ blacks shouldn’t be going to Harvard just because of their skin color.


WTF ARE THEY RUSSIANS? BECAUSE ITS DIRECT TRANSLATION FROM “MOKROHA” aкa мoкpyхa, literally criminal slang meaning case with death/assasination. WTF


The day of: [link to (secure)]

Wet works is code for murder, especially in Military/Espionage circles.

R3DDIT LIVE​n_traction_a_fellow_centipede/”

From the same thread, we have this:

And this:

[link to (secure)]


>Scalia was murdered for something much more sinister.

>Monsanto, GMO’s, HRC

[link to (secure)]
>I am all in

Steve Elmendorf: Monsanto’s New Man on the Hill
[link to]

Big Campaign Cash for Clinton From Monsanto Lobbyist
[link to]

scalia Justice Murdered

When and if Hillary Clinton takes over the Oval Office she will nominate Barack Obama to replace Justice Scalia.

Link to Infowars article

Link to Gateway Pundit article

3 thoughts on “Does the Wikileaks Document Dump Contain Proof That the Clinton Camp Murdered Justice Scalia?

  1. In the USA a suspicious death of a famous person s followed by immediate cremation. Way to go! A country of laws.

    Robin Williams also was immediately cremated by his loving third wife, a Jewess who probably killed him for his money. Murder, not suicide or normal death, is my judgement for both Scalia and Williams.

    One idea I have on this topic is that nobody should be cremated until their will is released to all beneficiaries and close relatives who have been cut out.

    Very often the beneficiary in the last will is the murderer, especially if all biological children have been disinherited. Once the body is cremated,there goes the evidence. In my opinion, a third wife is 100 times more likley to murder her wealthy husband than any of his biological children. The law is way behind the curve on this cash grab epidemic of murder. The police were more interested in this type of crime 150 years ago. Maybe even Scalia was killed by his own family for his cash and not for his politics. As just one of the unmagnificent seven Supremacists, he had no power anyway. The court was already dominated by extreme left perverted Jews, even when he was still sitting.

  2. This is so obvious as to be comical – ant non mongoloid 5 year old can see that Mr Scalia was ‘hit’. And who woulda done it?!?… hmmm….

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