Another MSNBC Online Poll: Do you think Hillary will be elected POTUS?

hillary crazy

This is the second MSNBC online poll that you can vote in. Scroll to the next post on the homepage to see the first poll. The first poll is a newer poll. This one is older, from 2015. I think many of the NO votes came from Bernie supporters.

As of this writing, 74 percent think Hillary will NOT be elected on November 8.

The last Rasmussen poll I saw earlier today had Trump up by 2 points, although I understand the media has promoted more stories by women who claim Trump did something naughty to them in the past.

I just voted NO.

Vote here.

5 thoughts on “Another MSNBC Online Poll: Do you think Hillary will be elected POTUS?

  1. May I take this time to ‘re iterate that we are in for horrible time, no matter who gets office. I thump my Bible, like old timers ( I am one) and it is not full of the turn-the-cheek and Jesus-loves me-this-I-know… that new testament Christians wash their feet in and baptize infants with.

    The world has turned insane, and except for a precious….PRECIOUS…few here on word press sounding the alarm, and the same dedicated few even responding, the quagmire is rising to our nostrils.
    Mention Justin Beiber and get 10000 followers. Beauty aids? Another 10000 followers. Recipes? 200000.
    Fashion designs…self help? 50000.
    Poems to boring to read past the first line? 50000.
    Animal abuse? 3 likes.
    Black on White crimes? 3 likes.
    Point made? 3 likes. 🙂

    • We must remain resolute and determined no matter how many are fooled by the deceiver. When Jesus met a hostile audience, I believe he advised his disciples to shake the dust off their feet and move on.


        It’s an honor to be more visited than David Duke. I don’t have Facebook and just recently opened a Twitter account. Turley is a professor with multiple appearances on Fox News and a built in audience of students and legal scholars. Maybe I’ll catch up to him, I hope.

        If anyone wants to help me build site traffic post links to my better posts in comments around the web. I don’t advertise the site myself as it seems to me to be too self indulgent.

        We have a good regular group of commenters here who help make the site a lot better than it would otherwise be.

      • I agree with you Paladin and homer also. Around here when I even bring up the “G” or “J” word GOD or JESUS I am shouted down, called a loony, etc. I have basically shaken then dust of their presence from my feet and moved on.

        Fifty or more years ago I had hoped that end of the road and eth age of man prophecies would not play out during my lifetime…….today feels like I’m living in a perpetual nightmare and the best I can do is ask Jesus for guidance and protection. Reading Psalm 91 has become a daily exercide

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