This Powerful Ann Coulter Column Exposes Media Hypocrisy About Sex (It’s only bad if Trump does it.)

pussy grab

Ann Coulter predicts that the media and the Clinton campaign will be encouraging women to bring false sexual harassment and rape claims against Donald Trump. Anita Hill is the woman who allegedly made false claims against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearing to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Excerpt from Ann Coulter

October 12, 2016

*Please note graphic language throughout the column.*

Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

They don’t care about being exposed as lying, hypocritical swine — I’d describe them more fully, but it would require locker room talk. They’ll win the public back later. Right now, all that matters is stopping Trump.

The same media that are pretending to consider the use of a bad word equivalent to rape don’t give a fig about real rape, real sexual assault, real whoring, even real homicide, depending on who did it.

JFK was an STD-infected drug addict who cavorted with whores at the White House, but the media ferociously hid all this from the public, publishing fairy-tale versions of his presidency as “Camelot.”

And what happened to the 11-year rule? Trump said the word “p*ssy” 11 years ago, in a secretly recorded conversation. Eleven years before Sen. Teddy Kennedy ran for president, he killed a girl — but he ran, not only without apology, but, indeed, as the Conscience of the Democratic Party.

Throughout 2009, good, decent Americans who happened to oppose Obamacare were called the name of a gay sex act hundreds of times on TV — and that was just on MSNBC. CNN’s Anderson Cooper made the reference explicit when he giggled, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.”

Among the people using this sexual slur were distinguished members of Congress such as U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Barney Frank. Were they fit to hold office?

Going way, way, way back to a few weeks ago, the same media gasping in horror at “p*ssy” sure didn’t mind my being called a c*nt repeatedly on a Comedy Central broadcast. And when I say “didn’t mind,” I mean they thought it was awesome.

But saying “p*ssy” 11 years ago is over the line.

Cut the crap, media.

Perhaps realizing their Victorian virgin act wasn’t cutting it, the media turned to their Pretend We Don’t Understand English method of argument, and claimed that Trump was confessing to having committed a “sexual assault”!

Trump said: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do any of that. (Laughter.)” Journalists turned this into “sexual assault” by being literal on the “grab” part, non-figurative on the “you” part — and on the “they let you do it” part? Stone, cold deaf.

If “they let you do it,” it’s not an assault.

Like most of Trump’s bragging, his loutish boast was not intended to be taken seriously, nor was it. Far from whipping out his pencil and carefully taking notes, “Access Hollywood”‘s Billy Bush laughed. The gist of what Trump was saying is that — hold onto your hats! — women like to sleep with celebrities! I don’t know if you’ve heard that before.

At least we’re back to the media pretending to care about sexual assault — until further notice.

This is the same media that ran interference for an actual sexual predator in the White House, ignoring Bill Clinton’s serial pants-dropping, groping and raping for nearly a decade, while gleefully vilifying his accusers, and would have been happy to continue if Bill Richardson had become president. Clinton talking about p*ssy was one of his more dignified moments, proudly attested to by his friend Vernon Jordan in a nationally broadcast interview with Mike Wallace.

Poor Billy Bush has to be fired from NBC’s “Today” show so the media can pretend that Trump’s using bawdy language is a very, very serious offense.

Meanwhile, Billy’s ex-president uncle and cousin openly fraternize with the rapist. The second President Bush calls Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother” and praises Clinton’s “character” — something even Clinton’s defenders never did with a straight face.

Now the networks are holding casting calls for some loon willing to falsely accuse Trump of sexual assault, so they can hype it like the Duke lacrosse case, Mattress Girl and Rolling Stone’s fraternity rape. Unfortunately — for us, fortunately for the media — by the time the truth comes out, the election will be over.

9 thoughts on “This Powerful Ann Coulter Column Exposes Media Hypocrisy About Sex (It’s only bad if Trump does it.)

  1. Well I am not a Trumpfan by any means but there are allegations crawling out of the woodwork all of a sudden….hmmmz peculiar.
    Thing with politics is it’s full of douchebags and you have to choose the one that you feel sucks the least.

  2. “publishing fairy-tale versions of his presidency as “Camelot.” ” (Re JFK).
    In the real/fictional Camelot, King Arthurs right hand man and best friend Sir Gropealot was banging Queen Guinevere, which was treason.

    Coulter does not use the Jew word. I guess that is why she gets a lot of air time and David Duke gets none.
    Coulter talks about the press. Does she not know the press is owned and controlled by Jews? Most editors and senior staff are Jews. Even the percentage of Jew journalists is breathtaking, especially talking heads on TV. They get most of the prominent news articles in the major newspapers. All such articles are editorials. The WaPo are New York Slime are 100% editorial on their so called news pages.

  3. President (((Ike))) exposed the “military/industrial complex” as a deliberate diversion. He never exposed the real conspiracy in the USA. The (((media/banking complex))).

    (((Marx))) did the same diversion. He exposed the evils of capitalism and the unicorn wonders of Communism. Marx did not see any evils in banks, markets and money lenders which even then were dominated by Jews. Jews bankers paid Marx to write his book of lies and filth.

      • The USA and the world can be saved by abolishing the Fed and never again allowing any Jews to be involved in the creation and distribution of new money of any kind.
        Jews should be banned from any job in any National Bank, excepting Israel. Through National Banking the Jews have the entire world gripped by the nuts.

    • Yes, she is a “conservative,” but she supports closing the border and she has a big audience. Maybe I can draw a few of her fans here to get a fuller, more fleshed out version of the truth. One that includes naming the Jew.

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