Negro Kroger Cashier REFUSES to Check Out Cop: Kroger Yawns

Food shoppers should boycott Kroger until the company provides concrete action to ensure that blue lives matter.

Police forces around the USA should refuse calls from Kroger stores relating to nonviolent crimes, such as shoplifting. If Kroger won’t serve cops, then cops shouldn’t serve Kroger.

By the way, to whatever extent possible, it is best to avoid checkout lanes staffed by Naggers.


Black Lives Matter advocates violence against the police and white people. Blue Lives Matter supports the police and advocates the sanctity of all life. Wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt is considered an empowering statement while wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt is just plain racist. A police officer in Louisiana was denied service at a grocery store for wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt because the cashier has a problem with the police.

Sabrina Farace is an officer with the Pineville, LA police department. Recently on her day off, she was shopping at a Kroger grocery store in Alexandria, LA with her young daughter. She was wearing a t-shirt that supported law enforcement. When she tried to pay for her groceries, things did not go well.

I was in Kroger’s shopping with my 6-year-old daughter. I walked up to the checkout line and placed my items on the counter for the cashier to scan my items. She sat there for a few moments and kept looking at me odd.

When she refused to speak or pick any of my items up, I asked her if I could help her. She replied, “Do you have your Kroger card?” At which I responded, “Yes, I do.”

I handed her my Kroger member card and she reluctantly took it from my hands. After she took [the card] I was waiting for her to continue checking me out. She looked at me and with a rude tone she asked “Are you on the force?” I stated, “Come again?” She asked again, rudely, “Are you on the force, are you a cop?” I stated “Yes, maam I am a cop.” She then looked at me and stated, “I can’t check you out, I have to go get my supervisor.”

The cashier left and then returned without a supervisor, stating he was busy.

When she came back to the counter she stated, “My supervisor is tied up right now.” I asked, “What’s the deal?” She replied, “I can not check you out because you are police officer and I can’t check you out because you are a cop and I have issues with the police right now.” At which I replied, “You have to be kidding me right?” She stated “No, I am not.”

The story actually gets worse when the supervisor eventually did come over. He couldn’t have cared less that one of his employees was refusing service to a cop for simply being a cop. Officer Farace left without her groceries and vowed to never shop at Kroger again.

Amazingly enough at a Kroger in Texas another woman was denied service for wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt.

The Blue Lives Matter website reached out to Kroger for a response to these incidents and it was underwhelming at best. Of course Kroger said they support law enforcement, but there was no mention of firing these employees who refused service to cops and police supporters.

If an employee of any company refused service to a Black Lives Matter supporter, that person would be fired within minutes. If a small business refused service to a Black Lives Matter supporter, they would be sued out of business and the Justice Department would come down on them like a social justice avalanche. Hell, even posting something on social media that is critical of the Black Lives Matter movement gets people fired.

Black Lives Matter activists are right. Some people are more privileged than others in this country. There are different sets of rules for different people.

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4 thoughts on “Negro Kroger Cashier REFUSES to Check Out Cop: Kroger Yawns

  1. Kroger is a Jew name and a Jew business.
    I wonder if the residents of Israel support the killing of Israeli police by Palestinians?

  2. While BLM can go to hell, and should, perhaps the hidden ones behind Blue Lives Matter are not who they pretend to be. The jews try to control all avenues of opinion and discussion, and they do it strictly for the benefit of jewry, and I suspect that the Blue Lives Matter, as an institution, is not truly run for the cops, but as a protection mechanism for the jews. While I cannot prove that is the case as of yet, the post below indicates how that organization would be used to advance the cause for jewry. The post below could have come directly from the Hasbara (stealth jew commenter) Handbook. The same could be said about the groups he pretends to support while his thrust is to turn cops further toward being allied with jews and Israel.

    54 Below Black Lives Matter Benefit Canceled Over Their Anti-Israel Stance

    “Jewish groups are generally known for being supportive of civil rights, and many Jews were attracted to the Black Lives Matter cause, falsely believing it to be a civil rights group. Lately, a lot of those same Jews are angry and confused as Black Lives Matter has declared that Israel is committing genocide.They still haven’t realized that Black Lives Matter is a political group whose goals have nothing to do with civil rights. With a name like “Black Lives Matter,” people assume it’s a civil rights group even after their statements and actions say otherwise.”

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