Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Strong People

From here on out these inspirational quotes are sometimes going to be challenged, along with the person quoted.

This one is an example of weak, silly thinking that passes for inspiration today.

Strong people tell the truth. They don’t build up inferior peoples so as to make them think they are normal or even superior.

While a college professor, one of my women colleagues once said that we needed to tell some students, “Young man (or lady), you aren’t college material.”

There is absolutely no one in American education who would be willing to say that to any pupil, yet 50 years ago those words would have been heard by thousands who were not intelligent or dedicated enough.

The worst example of building up inferior people (you’re gonna hate me for this) is the Special Olympics. To call a contest among cripples and mental defectives an Olympics is destructive to the pursuit of excellence. Everyone gets a medal now.

Problem is that in nature, there are winners and there are losers. That’s true in life in spite of a federal government that bucks nature to cast everyone as a winner.

Reject the thought on that silly poster above and simply recognize and tell the truth. In the long run, we’ll all be better off for it.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Strong People

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  2. I agree with Paladin comments above. I would add, why is a nigger chosen as a strong person to lift up a fair skinned mixed race baby? I would advise keeping niggers well away from all babies except nigger babies. That is because I do not care what happens to nigger babies.

    Re the quote I have said something like this in a romantic relationship, male/female I hasten to add. Roughly “you and I should lift each other up, not tear each other down”.,
    So I think the quote is very good for a married couple for example.
    To mutually lift and support each other, not tear them down.
    Same goes for white nationalism.

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