Idealistic Man Quits Teaching in Dallas School That is 99 Percent Mexican

angry white racist boy

Mexican culture is fuxated. Some Mexicans can overcome it. Most can’t. As one thoughtful person has noted, when attacked by a swarm of wasps, there may be a few good wasps holding back, but you can’t stop to figure out who they are. You have to kill or drive off the whole swarm.

My white ex-girlfriend from many years ago taught at a Mexican middle school on Pinn Road in San Antonio, Texas. She hated it. The Mexicans in her school had been born in the US, but couldn’t speak English and didn’t want to learn it.


School is 99% Mexican The kids are just there for food and babysitting, fighting, soccer, screwing and socializing.

He was idealistic and thought the kids just needed to right teachers that care. Now he realizes they are bunch of worthless animals. These 7-8 graders get caught screwing everywhere and their parents don’t care. If one of the girls has a baby they throw a party at school about it and go around begging the teachers and students for money to support it. There is also all kinds of gang violence. Their only interests of a non-neanderthal carnal natures is fashion. They get dropped off by their illegal parents who all drive Escalades because they are gaming the welfare and social security systems.

My friend would get ripped on by the parents for all sorts of crazy things. They really love to go after someone for not raising their kids for them appropriately (in their minds).

This guys went from a major liberal to someone who would enlist in a civil war against these turds. The more people have to interact with them the more this will happen.

There is a small group that is there for the right reasons and they are harassed constantly. My friend helped them get into other schools since there was only about 20 of them.

Before becoming a race realist, I had a brown Mexican girlfriend who was intelligent, clean, and classy. The other Mexicans called her a coconut, a common insult. It means brown on the outside, white on the inside.

4 thoughts on “Idealistic Man Quits Teaching in Dallas School That is 99 Percent Mexican

  1. “Their only interests of a non-neanderthal carnal natures is fashion. ”

    Actually, that’s also something very basic, since even birds and others care about their appearence so that they can, you guessed it, reproduce.

  2. It’s better that these animals don’t integrate. It’s good that liberal whites have to deal with them and so are forced to face up to the true nature of these vermin. It’s through integration that they will totally destroy the white race. By being so obviously different to whites they will force all but the most sick liberal whites to understand that if white civilisation and the race that created are to survive we have to reject all the liberal and jew mind poison totally and circle the wagons.

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