Cross-Dressing Swedish Priest Calls Himself a Mother

lars gardfeldt

Priest, mother, homosexual, transgender, and politician. Lars is a real woman’s woman. Excerpt he was born a man.

Sweden is fuxated just a bit, eh? It’s the country selected by the New World Order to be the testing ground for their social engineering. What goes in Sweden today happens in the rest of the world in 20 years or less.

Excerpt from Feminist Perspective via Google tranlate

A strong and independent man who does not hesitate to clear the drain in my apartment in central Gothenburg. He has a genuine interest in clothes. Particularly in the case of dresses and beautiful things. Here in the cozy studio of Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin posing Lars in fancy dresses from NK. The studio is located in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm and is a hub for the Swedish cultural elite. Lars takes the time to get fancy and photographed, despite a busy schedule.

He drinks a weak cup of coffee, and starts to talk about his time as a priest.

– It was a great time that I spent a lot to be out and meet people and stand on stage and speak in front of hundreds of people. Then it’s good to not be shy, anything I can use when I teach students in gender Chalmers.

Lars grew up in Kristinehamn in Värmland. The first thing he wanted to be, was not a priest, teacher, or political top candidate for one of the fastest growing small parties, Feminist Initiative. No, Lars, most preferably wanted to be was a mom. As a child he liked to play games that went out of ironing and cooking. Anything to get to be a real mother.

– It has been a struggle to become that. I was born in 1965. Being a father at the time was almost meaningless. It was to go into work early and come home late. It did not do any of the fun of taking care of the children. But the mothers were baking and washing clothes. I thought it was wonderful! Although I have not got any iron o play with, so I found that I stroked clothes anyway!

Luck was well that for now, Lars has become the mother of a girl and a boy, he loves above all else.

lars gardfeldt2

White men will become “women” in order to escape the identity of the white male because the white male is the most hated and demonized creature on earth. From becoming a woman to becoming a wigger, the goal of the (((NWO))) is to usher the white race to extinction.

9 thoughts on “Cross-Dressing Swedish Priest Calls Himself a Mother

  1. Why is it that the most masculine and ugly men decide to become women? He looks awful for a man of 51. As a woman wearing makeup of that age he looks ready for the cemetery.
    The good thing about Sweden is that they are the canary in the coal mine. The death of Sweden will give a few years warning to all other white nations to change direction. It is already too late for the UK and France, maybe Germany also thanks to Merkelstein.
    Maybe USA is also buggered due to 160 years of allowing nigger slaves to breed plus Spic invasion.

    • With Hillary at the helm, the ship of state will be run into the ground. Nuclear war? I have a video in the drafts area of Jewess Jill Stein, the Green candidate, praising Trump as the safe bet on war, but Stein also describes Hillary as provoking a war with Russia. I’ll post that video tomorrow.

      • Do the Greenjews also want war?
        War is good for the environement?
        Greens are actually like watermelons. Green on the outside and pink on the inside.

  2. I disagree with your last, White men are feminizing because they are too cowardly to stand up for their race and future. Hatred of who/what I am only makes me stronger. If the stinking jews backed off, the brainwashed SJW would finish the job for them.

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