Black Female 911 Operator Hung Up on Thousands of Calls

crenshanda williams

In the politically incorrect South of my youth, there was a phrase that was used to describe many blacks: “Crazy nigger.”

Don’t think this was some expression of racial animosity or hatred. It was just an observation that colored folks often do things that are irresponsible and stupid.

Houston, Texas, which is home to Crenshanda, is a clusterfreak of diversity. Between the heavy traffic, the crime, and the incivility, it must be one of the worst places to live in America.

After Crenshanda gets back from her vacation in Negro State University (prison), she might think about taking a job somewhere else–one with less stress.

NBC News

A former Houston 911 operator is facing criminal charges for hanging up on callers because “she did not want to talk to anyone,” according to Houston Police investigators.

Crenshanda Williams, 43, faces two misdemeanor charges of Interference with Emergency Telephone Call stemming from incidents in March.

According to charge documents filed with the Harris County Court, Williams worked for the Houston Emergency Center where managers determined that she was involved in thousands of “short calls” — emergency calls that last less than 20 seconds — between Oct. 2015 and March 2016.

In one case, Williams allegedly hung up on a man who called to report a robbery in progress March 12.

Hua Li told NBC affiliate KPRC that he had been buying lottery tickets at a convenience store when a gunman entered and tried to force his way through the door of a glassed-in security area behind the counter. As two clerks attempted to block the door, Li says he ran from the store and heard several gunshots. When he got to his car, he called 911 for help.

“They just said, ‘This is 911. How can I help you?’ I was trying to finish my sentence, and we got disconnected,” Li said.

Police said that Williams was the 911 operator, and that she terminated the call within a few seconds.

Li called a second time and got a different operator. By the time police arrived, however, the store manager had been shot and killed.

Li told KPRC that if 911 is not there for you, “Nobody, nobody is going to help you. You’re on your own.”

In a separate incident, Williams allegedly hung up on a security guard calling to report reckless driving and can be heard saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real,” according to charge documents.

Williams no longer works for the Houston Emergency Center. She’s scheduled to appear in court next week.

noooo gif black

8 thoughts on “Black Female 911 Operator Hung Up on Thousands of Calls

  1. Back when I was renting to darkies in an all black suburb of Cleveland, I would have 911 hang up on me when I called to tell them young negros were in the parking lot threatening people. They said they were busy. One has to experience a fully black organization to understand. Even a few whites seems to inject a semblance of order and duty. Without whites, the negros just run wild.

    BTW, enjoy reading the site daily. I’m not sure I’m all the way with you on the Jews. But I’m thinking about it.

    • I once told a man that if parasites were destroyed today, tomorrow would hold no crimes. He asked, what is your anakagy here? I replied, WHAT ANALOGY?

  2. This womans supervisor/boss should also be fired and maybe charged. This would include several shift supervisors. How could this possibly run in to the thousands? Complaints would have been in the hundreds at least. The criminal time frame for this black boondoggler was 5 to 6 months, so probably more than one person died because of this woman.
    Are the bosses also tinted?
    This is gross recklessness and negligence. Sounds like the Third World, not any civilised country.
    Houston is a very rich city in a rich state so should have good quality public services. The best that money can buy. Hire some whites, maybe?
    Where were the Texas Rangers?
    This is the same country that purports to lead the world in moral values, business efficiency, the wonders of market competition, and democracy.
    Some role model.

    • Actually Texas one of the poorer states with lower college education numbers…also with a lower high school graduation rate than the national average. If it had not been a minority who had committed the crime, there would be much stiffer penalties, I believe.

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