Video: Woman Argues that Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote


In the embedded video below, Janet Bloomfield offers three reasons why women should not vote.

There are actually more than three arguments that could be advanced relating to why women should not be allowed to vote. Bloomfield gets the ball rolling, however, with her three.

Ms. Bloomfied is also known as Judgybitch. She says and writes many things that offend feminists on her website.

Link to Judgybitch site.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 9, 2016
Women should not vote. That’s not misogyny.

Here is the article I am discussing:

The link will take you to a paper by John Lott and a coauthor. Lott is a strong Second Amendment advocate, having authored the book More Guns, Less Crime. In this paper, he shows that women prefer a bigger government, alimony, and other government programs that are anti-male.

For the record, I am opposed to free abortions, free birth control, free tampons, alimony for life, etc. Thus, I am in general opposed to the right of women to vote for the same reasons (and others) that Bloomfield is opposed.

Furthermore, many men should not have the right to vote either. But that’s a separate issue.


If you agree or disgree about women’s suffrage, here’s your chance to sound off.

Before you do, take a look at troll Mark Dice getting stupid women to say that women’s suffrage should be repealed.


22 thoughts on “Video: Woman Argues that Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote

  1. Women should vote, there are probably just as many European women who “know what’s up” as there are men, in some countries women are even more likely to oppose open borders and all the other policies aimed at destroying our people. Take a look at the governments of any European Country and you will find just as many Men in those political parties who are betraying and destroying their own nations as you will women, the “blame women” view point seems to be coming from the establishment, the same establishment that brought them “feminism” and us cheap labor cloaked as “diversity” perhaps the real issue is that European women see the truth more and more just like European men. and they might unify for the interests of the common European folk, not the super rich and traitor “Whites” who are just as to blame as the Jews for the mess our people and countries are in, most of the women hater anti feminism types are either Faggots who may secretly hate women, especially European women whom instinctivly they see as competition for men or men frustrated with not getting women or Jews/establishment trying to sow discord among European men and women.

    • Switzerland had a system that recognized that the husband’s vote was a vote for the whole family. The paper cited by my old colleague John Lott shows that women always vote for more free stuff. Look at the gap between Trump and Hillary among women. If only men voted, Trump would win. As it is,he’s likely to lose.

  2. Voting is a very risky practice as it is, and does not deserve the high praise it is given to be sure. But I must say, I am leaning toward being convinced by this, it just makes sense. But then, we do like it is some women vote, but not others, depending on wether or not they agree with us. It is complicated.

      • Precisely correct.
        Biblically, the age of 20 is the age of majority, but as dumbed down as we have become in this country, I might go for a sliding scale beginning at 35 and working our way back to 20 eventually…

  3. If she has three arguments why can’t she write them down. I got sick of her within twenty seconds of her video. So I do not know her three arguments.
    Women should not be allowed to vote, which adds one extra world to her idea.
    Nor should women be allowed to make boring YouTube videos.

    • I disagree with you on this one, Robert. I think it makes more of an impact WATCHING a woman say it that reading her say it.

      In general, though, a lot of these talking head youtube videos would save me time if the words were written. However, smirks and tone of voice aren’t conveyed via thewritten word. Ramzpaul is an example of where his words might look foolish on paper but go over well via his youtube rants.

  4. So now the Jewesses show their hand. Just like Joy Behar… They believe Goy women are inferior because they are not Jewish women. And Paladin and the other Dick Tyrants are buying the Jew Spew. Good on ya Goys!

    The same women that benefitted from the warmth and kindness of middle class European women who run PTAs and organize fundraisers for schools, neighborhoods etc. They are not unlike their negro sisters; however they are WORSE. I’ll take a Sistah as a friend any day over these bitches.

    The problem is with out the Jew establishment support of the subjugation of European women thru marriage, none of the dipshits that support this broad would be able to get women to stay with them save Jew laws. So who is the real nog?….the everyday white Kwan male that supports crap that this stupid writes.

    Figures Paladin that you would support this cunt. Do you know that many of the priests that sexually abused young boys were Irish who were actually crypto Jews feigning Irish ethnicity?

      • Yeah and it’s kinda funny to see all the lies about him in why he was assassinated.

        Basically, the king at the time accused him of assassinating someone (it’s really embelished and probably made up if you read about it on the wiki page), but then assassinated him in prison along with other men. Which is a crime and an ultimate show of hypocrisy. But of course you never learn about it in the history books :).

  5. Should women vote?
    Has the West grown stronger, freer and more prosperous? Have White families grown in strength, stability and size?

    The answer is no and in a good measure because women vote with yankees and jews to destroy traditional Christian and Western values, institutions etc

  6. I sent ya that link months ago. I don’t agree with JB on this one actually. I think like you do that it should be limited to property owners whereas JB thinks it should go along with if you are draftable or not.

    She is right about a few things though. Women will always vote themselves more welfare until the government and/or system goes broke. Then again so will Men with no skin in the game and the men usually start with voting for women to have the right to vote.

    • No the White men who do that generally hale fromy up north or are from the various White ethnic groups who migrated to the usa in the various waves. Poles, Germans, Sweeds, Italians etc etc

      Completely different tribes then those who established the nation in the 1st place

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