Texas Mexican Fakes Kidnapping to Go Drinking with Pals without Wife Knowing

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Mexicans pull some really stupid stuff all the time, but this one is a new high (or low, depending on your perspective).

Fox News Latino

Talk about being afraid of your own wife.

A man in Texas apparently wanted to party with his friends so badly he staged his own kidnapping so his wife wouldn’t give him a hard time about leaving the house. Now he faces criminal charges and, likely, an even angrier wife.

According to police, Rogelio Andaverde, 34, of Edinburg, in the Texas-Mexico border region, was with his wife at home when two masked men barged into their house carrying guns. They forced him from his home and his hysterical wife called police in a panic, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

“We took this incident very serious because of the circumstances described to us by the wife,” Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño told the newspaper. “People don’t just barge into your house and kidnap you for the hell of it.”

Dozens of law enforcement officers fanned out to search for Andaverde. A police helicopter was even sent out to look for him. But the investigation was going nowhere, and police officers started to become suspicious.

“I looked at the guys and said, ‘Do you really believe this?’” Treviño told The (McAllen) Monitor. “He’s just a regular Joe, no criminal history — anything. It’s just not right.”

Andaverde thought he had outsmarted everyone, police said. He casually returned home and said the kidnappers showed mercy and had set him free. But he later fessed up to investigators, police said, that it was all a ruse so he could go out for a night on the town with his drinking buddies.

“We have people file false reports all the time, and we put them in jail for it,” Treviño told the Express-News. “But I’ve never had someone do it just to get out of the house.”

Andaverde was charged with making a false report to police. He was released on $5,000 bail.

No word yet on what kind of punishment was waiting for him at home. But it’s highly likely his wife was not a happy camper.

“I don’t think his wife appreciated being kept until 4 or 5 in the morning, being interviewed by the cops while her husband was out doing who knows what with who knows who,” Treviño told the Express News. “He’s going to have a lot of answering to do.”

For a crime of this magnitude, $5,000 bail is nothing. The search for the hard drinking Mexican must have cost thousands. Other lives were put in danger as resources were devoted to finding old Rogelio.

You can’t fix stupid though. Make him pay the costs of the search and a hefty fine and let it go at that.

His pals who helped him fake the kidnapping should also be charged, fined, etc.

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