President Obama responds to ‘demonic’ claims by sniffing himself

Obama has bragged about how good he is at killing people. Hillary has responded to the murders at Benghazi by cackling, “What difference does it make.”

Yet these two worthless pieces of human excrement deny they are possessed by demons.

The Telegraph

S President Barack Obama has responded to a radio host’s claim that he and Hillary Clinton are demons who smell like sulphur.

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump supporter, made the claim on his show two days ago.

“This woman is dangerous, ladies and gentleman. I’m telling you, she is a demon. This is Biblical. She’s going to launch a nuclear war,” Jones said in a bizarre rant on October 10th.

“I’ve been told this by high up folks,” he continued. “They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulphur.”

Word of the demonic allegations reached POTUS, and he responded by checking himself for a sulphuric odour.

“I was reading the other day, there’s a guy on the radio who apparently – Trump’s on his show frequently – he said me and Hillary are demons. Said we smell like sulfur. Ain’t that something,” the President told a campaign rally in North Carolina, before sniffing the back of his hand.

“Now, I mean, come on, people!” he said with a smile.

Actually, there’s nothing bizarre about what Alex Jones said. The evidence is there that Hillary Clinton desires a nuclear war with Russia. As to her demonic qualities, just listen to her cackle decades ago when she talked about getting the rapist of a 12 year old girl off.

Watch Obama sniff himself in this Alex Jones video:

14 thoughts on “President Obama responds to ‘demonic’ claims by sniffing himself

  1. Listen PJ… MUST warn me in advance that you’re going to make a post like this so I can be prepared by buying a package of Depends!!!! Of course I’ll wear a disguise when making my purchase…

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  3. The smell of Sulphur is not evidence of demon possession. Eve and Adam did not smell of Sulphur when they fell. Obama and Hillary are in the clutches of Satan who permits violence and even cannibalism in the Quran. People who admire the Quran are Devil possessed.

  4. Sulphur kills most bacteria and is widely used to sterilise. Sulphur is good! Though too much is bad, as for example in some red wine sulphur can give you a headache.
    Alex Jones is not good. He is false opposition. A rant like this discredits the truth movement.
    ““I’ve been told this by high up folks,” he continued. “They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulphur.”
    “high up folks” for Alex Jones are his Jew masters.

    If a person becomes an atheist, such as a Jew who becomes a Marxist, how on earth does someone who does not believe in God decide to believe in the Devil?
    This is ridiculous.
    With no belief in any God, to believe in the devil is absurd.
    If the devil exists but not God, then the devil is, in fact, God.

    • While I agree that Jones is either controlled opposition or a bit thick in the head, you don’t know American evangelicals like my grandmother. She claimed, rightly or wrongly, that demon possessed people had a sulphur smell. She also worshiped the Jew as God’s chosen people. That type of thinking like my grandmother had probably explains Jones’ language here.

      The biggest sucker of Jew cock, the Reverend John Hagee, lives up the road in a mansion from where I’m at. His people are annoying. I run into them frequently. They talk just like Jones, who does good work on many issues.

      Jones should tone it down until after the election. Trump needs to appeal to independent voters who are not into the idea of demon possession.

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