Is Hillary Going to Win Because Trump is Sexually Interested in Women?

vivienne westwood dress

Excerpt from Paul Craig Roberts

We all know that the hysteria over the Trump-Billy Bush locker room banter is orchestrated for political purposes. But consider the absurdity of it all. Trump’s private expression of sexual interest in an attractive member of the opposite sex has been declared by the presstitutes to be “extremely lewd comments about women.”

Is what is going on here the criminalization of heterosexual sex?

Feminist say that women do not want to be regarded as sex objects, but much of womankind disagrees, judging by the provocative way some of them dress. Clothes designers, assuming they are good judges of the apparal market for women, also disagree. At the latest Paris fashion show (October 1) Vivienne Westwood displayed a dress on which the female sexual organs are displayed on the dress.

Vivienne Westwood is a woman, a British fashion designer. She has twice earned the award for British Designer of the Year. The Queen of England awarded her the aristocratic title of Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE) “for services to fashion.”

At a ceremony honoring her at Buckingham Palace, Westwood appeared without panties and twirled her skirt in the courtyard of the palace. Photographers caught the event, and in Vivienne’s words, “ the result was more glamourous than I expected.”

As recently as 2012, Vivienne was chosen by a panel of academics, historians, and journalists as one of The New Elizabethans who have had a major impact on the UK and given this age its character.

In 18th century England, if historians are correct, young women would appear at evening social functions in wet gowns that clung to their bodies the better to indicate their charms. Some of them died of pneumonia as a consequence. They did this on their own accord to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

According to reports, robotic sexual partners are being created for men and women that are superior to the real thing. Other news reports are that young Japanese men go on vacation with their sex apps, not with girlfriends. There are indications that as the advancement in social approval of homosexual, lesbian, and transgendered sex progresses, heterosexual sex is acquiring the designation of queer. If Trump had expressed sexual interest in a male or a transgendered person, it would be politically incorrect to mention it. Only heterosexual sexual impulses are a political target.

sex robot and creator

We have reached that point in which women can appear in high heels with skirts that barely cover their nether parts and their braless breasts exposed, and men are lewd if they notice.

Do women really want it this way?

Is Hillary really going to win the election because Trump is sexually interested in women?

Trump is sexually interested in women, but it’s always been a two-way street. Women are sexually interested in Trump as well.

lucky trump cereal

22 thoughts on “Is Hillary Going to Win Because Trump is Sexually Interested in Women?

  1. The hypocrisy of the stupid girl in the first photo is insane. She knows full well most women allow wealthy men to do whatever they want; herself included.

  2. Yes, the Marxist Mafia is after heterosexuals. The fewer White children, the better.

    Vivienne Westwood has always been a weirdo. Heralded the gross Punk Wave fashion era, which was gross.

    Doubt Queen Elizabeth approves her.

  3. “As recently as 2012, Vivienne was chosen by a panel of academics, historians, and journalists for a gang bang”.

    Original work follows, written today by me,,,,,, ditch the girlfriend and get a bicycle….

    Why bicycles are better than women…….
    A bike likes to be ridden every day.
    A bike never complains.
    A bike never criticizes.
    A bike never says other riders had a bigger cock.
    You do not have to arouse a bike before a ride.
    A bike will only let your friends get on board with your permission.
    A bike never lies or cheats or steals.
    A bike never gets angry.
    Bikes break drown less often than women.
    Bikes are much cheaper to run and maintain.
    Riding a bike is better exercise and more fun over the long term.
    You can’t catch an STD from a bike.
    Someone may steal either but your bike will never leave you of its own accord.
    Bikes are less boring than women.
    An old man can ride a bike without buying an expensive drug.
    A bike goes only to where you want to go.

  4. Polling fraud fully exposed:
    The polls are sponsored and conducted by and for the ruling establishment. Their purpose is to demoralize and neutralize the emerging populist revolution. The pollsters will not have to trend toward reality until one or two days before November 8th.

  5. Women are liars and want to be viewed…. lust after being viewed as sex objects from high status men ie Trump

    They don’t want to be viewed as sex objects by fat nerds in their IT department

    There’s your double standard

  6. On the boston area nooze this morning they were all proudly proclaiming Trump trails hildabeast by 9-15% in all major polls 😦

    Let’s see to win over the leftist satan worshipping majority, the Donald claim in all social media that he loves strange mixed race pussy who are differently abled transgendered lesbians with a wooden leg that smoke crack and dress in furry creature costumes and display BlackLiesMatter banners

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