Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Einstein

einstein quote

Probably half the quotes attributed to Einstein are not really his, but attributed to him by his (((admirers.)))

Henry Makow offers a critical look at Einstein, alleging that he was a notorious plagiarist. This allegation is most likely true. Henry offers other posts on Einstein, which you can easily find using a search engine.

In Einstein we have a cultural icon whose life may very well have been a creation of the (((scriptwriters))) who have told us so many lies.

The quote, whoever it comes from, is worthy of discussion. Which is no to say that I agree with 100 percent. Goals are worthy, but I’m not so sure they alone will bring happiness.

10 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Einstein

  1. I use a few of his quotes as email signatures at times (I rotate). PJ, I implore you to look at my tweets from the past hour or so. The Trump Hater who owns Katie the GSD is a liar and manipulator who is going to cause an innocent dogs death. It’s as if she has Munchausens only with a dog instead of a child.

  2. Irony of (((Einsteins))) quote is that Jews are the most materialistic people on earth, and possibly the least happy.
    A lot of the bullshit in psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry is made up by unhappy Jews. But they make a lot of money from it.
    For Jews, money and power are a trade to compensate for unhappiness.
    Maybe there is something rotten at the core of their religion.
    Christ was their one and only good shot at the Messiah they were waiting for, so they gave him the bums rush and got him executed.

  3. Chris Bjerknes wrote a book called “The Manufacture and Sale of St. Einstein” which I downloaded a couple of years ago. He goes all into this jew manipulation of this lying, cheating plagiarist. He was a dirty jew scumbag. And anything can be a goal.

    And Robert above hit it on the nail.

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