Breaking: Muzzie Suicide Pilot Deliberately Crashes Plane into Residential Neighborhood

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Feras M. Freitekh


Three people would still be happily going about their business if a Muslim student had been barred from entering the US. According to the surviving pilot, also a Muslim, the student pilot crashed the plane deliberately.

These creatures are very unstable in my experience in dealing with them at the university. They are typically not very well liked.

Looking on the bright side, there’s one less Clinton voter today.

Daily Mail summary points:

Plane came down in East Hartford while preparing to land half a mile away

Feras M. Freitekh2

Student pilot Feras M. Freitekh, 28, a Jordanian national, was killed

His instructor pilot, identified as Arian Prevalla, was hospitalized with serious burns and injuries

Two people in a minivan near the crash site were also hospitalized

Pilot, now conscious in hospital, told police Freitekh crashed intentionally

Pair were were arguing shortly before the plane crash, officials said

The student pilot came to U.S. in 2012 from Jordan on a student visa to go to flight school

Several friends and relatives of Freitekh posted on Facebook that they ‘forgave’ him after the crash

FBI and state counter-terrorism unit are now investigating the claims

No evidence of terrorist activities were found when police searched Freitekh’s home in Connecticut

Crash occurred suspiciously close to defense contractor Pratt & Whitney’s Connecticut headquarters, described as ‘critical infrastructure’

Given the evidence, banning Muslims from the West seems like a good idea. Public safety should be our #1 priority, not bullsh*t political correctness of “inclusion” and “diversity.”

8 thoughts on “Breaking: Muzzie Suicide Pilot Deliberately Crashes Plane into Residential Neighborhood

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  2. Oh my God! Do yo realize (but of course you do) how much more devastation could have occurred on the ground??? Innocent lives lost while going about their day? As I read, a thought from many years ago entered my head. 1980 or so, the exodus of “boat people” from Cuba that were primarily prisoners, mentally ill, drug addicts and so forth. Suffice it to say less than stellar refugees. They rioted at a military fort (maybe AR??). Then in 1994 there were even more boat people. Another #ClintonCaper.

  3. He was Jordanian. They are one of the “good” Muslim countries, on the same side as Israel and the USA and “good” Saudi Arabia.
    Gee the bad Muslim countries might be a bit of a worry.
    But we take millions of them in our former white lands anyway, such as Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia.

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