London: Crazy African Negro Stabs White Scientist to Death Days After Release from Jail

femi nandap

No one in Britain is asking the right question in the murder case against a worthless crazy African whose presence on earth is a burden to society.

They first question is why was he even in Britain in the first place.

Was it his good looks? His charm? His intelligence?

The second question is why should this piece of excrement be allowed to live. It’s a serious question. He will be a burden on the British taxpayer for the next 50 years or more. Who knows how much more grief he will cause to others.

Kill the bastard and dump his worthless remains into the ocean so that sharks can have a shit meal.

A mentally ill student, who stabbed a scientist to death, has been given an indefinite hospital order.

Femi Nandap, 23, stabbed Dr Jeroen Ensink, 41, to death outside his home in north London after voices told him to sacrifice someone.

Six days earlier charges for possession of kitchen knives against Nandap were dropped by the CPS due to lack of evidence.

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London, said the charges should never have been dropped and called for an investigation into the case.

Dr Ensink, who worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was stabbed repeatedly outside his Islington home on December 29 last year, just 11 days after becoming a father.

He was killed on the way to post cards telling family and friends of his daughter Fleur’s birth his wife Nadja Ensink-Tiech and the baby were inside the house unaware of the attack.

‘Your culpability for the killing, arising as it is, is low. It was driven by your mental illness.’

Referring to the charges which were dropped the judge said the CPS had concluded that ‘those proceedings should not have been discontinued’.

Earlier in the hearing Dr Ensink’s wife Nadja demanded answers about why her husband’s killer was freed by the court days before the fatal attack.

She said: ‘This is a terrible tragedy for me and for Jeroen’s daughter, and family and friends but it is not a one off; mental health homicides keep happening again and again.

‘If such tragedies keep occurring, why has there not been concerted action to address this? If a person with a history of mental health problems is found wandering about with a knife, and attacks a police officer, then that person must be referred to a secure unit for proper assessment and treatment and not given bail so easily.

‘This represents a failure of the health and judicial system that should protect the public and care for those with severe mental illness.’

She called for an independent inquiry to examine saying: ‘This may help others from being in the same position my daughter and I now find ourselves in.

‘Lessons will not have been learned until concrete changes in legislation will be implemented.’

She said: ‘I will miss the what could have been. I will miss the life I was supposed to have. Not only was the love of my life taken from me, but with him also all of our hopes and dreams.’

The court also heard from Dr Samrat Sengupta from Broadmoor Prison who said Nigerian-born Nandap became ill after going to Boston, America, to study accountancy where he started smoking cannabis.

He said: ‘Since talking to other members of his family we have discovered that there is a history of mental illness in his family. Cannabis triggered a psychotic illness. He will continue to be very ill.’

Nandap, of Woolwich, south east London, was detained under the Mental Health act.

7 thoughts on “London: Crazy African Negro Stabs White Scientist to Death Days After Release from Jail

  1. “charges for possession of kitchen knives”
    Possessing kitchen knives is legal in all countries even North Korea. The crime is carrying a concealed weapon, or carrying a weapon in public, such as kitchen knives, or menacing with a weapon as he did with the police. Notice how the crazy Coon did not stab a black man but chose a white man. This proves he was not mentally ill at all. The voices he listened to were the (((MSM))) Kill whites! Did he have a TV set and watch the BBC or other white hating networks? Probably, yes.
    The judge that released this Coon should be executed by hanging. The judge is an accessory to murder.

    The judge said or should have said,
    “‘Your culpability for the killing, arising as it is, is low. It was driven by the mental illness of white society in allowing violent scum like you to live in Britain. The voices you heard were the Jew media telling you to kill an intelligent, valuable white man and father”.’

    A big problem for England, this Coon will get “better” within two years and be released back in to society. I.e. Britain, not Africa where he belongs.

    A lot of mentally ill people in Australia also stab random strangers to death in the street. The Govt has been saving cash on mental hospitals for 40 years now.

    • All true, Robert. I put the word “white” in the title as a challenge to the notion that he’s truly crazy. He went after a white guy. The wife is correct to be challenging the system, all the good it will do her.

      British justice is lax. That’s one reason I advocate killing him. It would nice if he got a shiv in the back in the mental hospital. From another Apefrican.

  2. There are literally thousands of negroes like this chump that claim to hear voices telling them to kill someone, especially in London. There are a few in my city like that but they usually throw themselves out of second storey windows. It’s amazing that a few of them survive and become an even bigger burden on society. There is a government building that deals with mentally ill out patients near me and the blacks are totally over represented there. Blacks have a major problem with mental illness, I wonder if there have been any studies into the percentage of black mental patients currently in treatment in the UK? I’ll bet that info would be buried were they to do a study, Africans seem to be the most prone to mental illness but the west indians have their fare share.
    Just let them keep on killing people, it’s the only way that our stupid government will be forced to act, either that or we revolt and take matters into our own hands.

    • Modern city life is unnatural even for whites. So it is no wonder that jungle bunnies go mad so easily when faced with the stress of city living. All that free food and free or subsidized accommodation, free money from the Govt for not working.
      Life for a Coon is so much harder in the West than in the African jungle! Probably a big percentage of murders in Africa are never recorded as crimes. Mentally ill in London is a good survivor in say Uganda or Somalia.

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