BREAKING: Obama’s DOJ Charging Sheriff Joe Arapaio with Criminal Contempt for Racial Profiling

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If the DOJ can get a conviction, Sheriff Joe Arapaio will be going to a federal prison.

The bastards won’t charge Hillary but based on the word of a couple of Latinos these pukes are trying their damnedest to put Sheriff Joe behind bars.

Sheriff Joe got on the New World Order’s sh*t list years ago for his tough enforcement of the law and his refusal to coddle prisoners. In the Phoenix area where he’s based most of the prisoners are Mexicans. Many of them are illegals, whom Obama wants left alone so they can continue to steal, rape, and murder.

The left is about overthrowing the rule of law and about creating chaos. Sheriff Joe is just another victim in the relentless march by the left destroying all opposition to the NWO.

AZ Central

The U.S. Department of Justice officials have opted to charge Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio with criminal contempt for violating a federal court’s orders in a racial-profiling case.

Arpaio has not yet officially been charged. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked the federal government to write an order to show cause, by Wednesday, for her to sign. That will serve as a charging document for the case to go forward against Arpaio only.

The announcement came Tuesday at the case’s first criminal hearing in downtown Phoenix’s federal court.

DOJ attorney John Keller said the government will continue to investigate additional allegations of Arpaio and three aides for concealing evidence — and therefore obstruction of justice — but will not proceed with the prosecution at this time, because they believe the statute of limitations has run out.

Bolton is not sure, and asked for a pause on the statute-of-limitations clock for all sides to discuss that issue.

In August, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow referred Arpaio, Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, Capt. Steve Bailey and defense attorney Michele Iafrate to be charged with criminal contempt of court.

Arpaio’s charge stems from a December 2011 federal court order that barred his agency from enforcing federal immigration law. It is alleged that his deputies continued to do so, however, for at least 18 months thereafter.

The other defendants were not involved in this allegation, and therefore will not face immediate charges.

Largely because of Arpaio’s age — he is 84 — Bolton ruled that a sentencing cap of six months is appropriate on the contempt charge, virtually defining the crime as a misdemeanor.

A tentative date is set for Dec. 6. Arpaio’s attorney asked for a jury trial.

The other allegations will run on a separate track.

Arpaio was not present at the Tuesday hearing.

The racial-profiling suit

The criminal referral is the latest development in a case that began in 2007, when Manuel de Jesus Ortega Melendres, a Mexican tourist legally in the United States, was stopped outside a church in Cave Creek where day laborers were known to gather. Melendres, the passenger in a car driven by a white driver, claimed that deputies detained him for nine hours and that the detention was unlawful.

Eventually, the case grew to include complaints from two Hispanic siblings from Chicago who believed they were profiled by sheriff’s deputies, and an assistant to former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon whose Hispanic husband claimed he was detained and cited while white motorists nearby were treated differently.

17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Obama’s DOJ Charging Sheriff Joe Arapaio with Criminal Contempt for Racial Profiling

      • Are you joking? My brain is addled today as ‘m having major WP issues and just ended a one hr live chat wit my new boyfriend at WP.

    • Given the right judicial appointments they can do anything they want. Trump said he wanted Constitutionalists. Hillary babble on some PC nonsense. What it meant was there would be no rule of law under Hillary, just a rubber stamp on social engineering.

  1. This is fucking epic!

    The negro in chief just got Joe re-elected

    Locally, we had a county sheriff get sued by the naacp. Twice. He didn’t back down and he won each time

    He basically ran unopposed the last 18 years until his retirement

    The intresting thing is, he locked down the older negro vote because he kept younger negros in check

  2. ” U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked the federal government to write an order to show cause, by Wednesday, for her to sign.”
    This is justice as done in any tin pot banana republic, or the Democratic Republic of USA. DRUSA.

    In a civilised country, judges take the work assigned to them by prosecutors, who only handle cases brought to them by enforcement agents such as police, customs, border control and so forth. No judge in the USA has done this with Hillary Clinton so far as I know. Much more important that Mexican tourists not be harassed than to prosecute traitors. Even if the tourists are drug dealers and smugglers. Why would a Mexican tourist want to talk with the scum illegal immigrants from Mexico, maybe he is a people smuggler? Highly suspicious and Sheriff Joe was right to detain such a doubtful tourist. Sheriff Joe should follow up on this Jesus guy, has he had any other convictions? Is he part of the Mexican cartel? Why would any Mexican with money want to talk to low life Mexicans anywhere?

    Here the judge seems to be on a mission to convict. How can the sheriff get a fair trial with such Federal Judges on the bench? This is a political trial of the kind seen in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. where Stalin used to watch his torture victims confessing to crimes they were innocent of. Stalin had a secret peephole at the back of the court, nobody could see he was there. Will Obummer do this at this show trial?
    Sheriff Joe is being buffaloed by the forces of evil.
    When all the good cops are fired or jailed, what do you have left?

  3. When are Mexicans Not Mexican?
    Answer: When they are jews.

    “1933: In Los Angeles, garment workers, most of whom were “Mexicans” began a strike organized by (((Rose Posetta (Rakhel Peisoty))) of the ILGWU who believed that “Mexican garment workers” could be the backbone of a West Coast organizing movement.” – from, “This Day, October 12, In Jewish History”.

  4. Susan Bolton…

    Yet another reason why wimmen should not be able to vote, much less be in positions of power.

    When Trump becomes POTUS he can simply do what Bush II did and remove this sort from federal benches. He took a ton of heat for it but it was one of the few good things he accomplished.

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